College Credit in High School (Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment)

Gain an edge by earning college credit while still enrolled in high school!

Get a head start on college @ Missouri State-West Plains

Missouri State-West Plains offers several different options for high-school students to get a head start on earning college credit while still finishing up high-school classes and graduation.

There are numerous advantages for students when earning college credit while still in high school and taking classes from Missouri State University-West Plains.

  • Studies show that earning college credit during high school increases the likelihood that a student will complete high school and enroll in and persist in college
  • Decreases the cost of tuition and fees for students by accelerating time of degree
  • New graduates enter the workforce sooner and begin to earn wages, benefiting themselves and the economy
  • Earn credit hours that are applicable toward a degree and Missouri State and generally transferable to other accredited colleges and Universities

Programs for High School Students

Missouri State University-West Plains offers several options for high school students to earn college credit while still attending high school.

  • Dual-credit classes are offered in you high school and taught by high-school teachers.
  • Dual-enrollment classes are offered on the West Plains campus and at Shannon Hall in Mountain Grove and taught by Missouri State University-West Plains faculty.
  • Coming soon - new options for dual credit using online web tools to bring college classes into the high school that would normally not be available.

Dual Credit

Dual-credit classes earn high-school and college credit. Students who take dual-credit courses do so at their high school with high-school instructors who meet required qualifications for teaching college-level courses and who have been approved by the University to teach those courses.

The courses offered will vary by school but are usually one of the following options:

  • AGR 101 – Animal Science – 4 hours
  • BIO 101 – Biology in Your World – 3 hours (Lecture) 
  • BIO 111 – Understanding Biological Systems Through Inquiry – 1 hour (Lab)
  • CHM 116 – Fundamentals of Chemistry – 4 hours
  • CHM 117 – Fundamentals of Chemistry Lab – 1 hour
  • CIS 101 – Computers for Learning – 3hours
  • COM 115 – Public Speaking – 3 hours
  • ENG 110 – Writing I (Composition I) – 3 hours
  • HST 121 – Survey of US History to 1877 – 3 hours
  • HST 122 – Survey of US History since 1877 – 3 hours
  • MKT 150 – Introduction to Marketing – 3 hours
  • MTH 135 – College Algebra – 3 hours
  • MTH 138 – Pre-Calculus Mathematics – 5 hours
  • PLS 101 – American Democracy – 3 hours
  • PSY 121 – Introductory Psychology – 3 hours
  • SOC 150 – Principles of Sociology – 3 hours

The fee for students for dual-credit classes is half of the regular tuition for courses offered by Missouri State University-West Plains. Students are not charged any other service fees other than the student technology fee. If applicable, supplemental course fees will be charged in full. 

Placement tests are required for CHM 116, ENG 110, MTH 135 and MTH 138. The tests will be arranged for each school through the counselor.

Dual Enrollment

Students who take dual-enrollment courses earn college credit and take courses either on one of the Missouri State University-West Plains campuses or online from University instructors. High-school students must meet any class prerequisites. Tuition and fees for students in dual-enrollment classes are the same as regular tuition and fees. The 2013-14 fee for dual enrollment is $114 per credit hour plus all required student fees.

Dual-Credit/Dual-Enrollment Student Qualifications

Students may be considered for admission into a dual-credit/dual-enrollment program who have meet the following qualifications:

Students in an accredited high school:

  • Student has completed their sophomore year of high school; or is freshmen or sophomores with an ACT composite score at or above the 90th percentile; and
  • Student has at least a 3.00 grade point average on a 4.00 scale; and
  • Student has been recommended for admission by the high-school counselor, principal or superintendent of their school; and
  • Student has permission from their parents or guardians.

Students completing high school by alternative means (home school or non-accredited high school):

  • Student is 16 years of age; and
  • Student has an official transcript including courses, credits, date of completion with an overall GPA of 3.00 on a 4.00 scale or higher from:
    • high school or
    • correspondence program vendor or
    • documents from parents required by Missouri State Statute 167.031; and
  • Student must have demonstrated their ability to benefit by achieving an ACT composite score of 18 or higher; and
  • Student has permission from their parents or guardians.

If a student believes extenuating circumstances exist, the above eligibility requirements may be appealed to the assistant dean of academic affairs.

Dual-Credit/Dual-Enrollment Contacts

Missouri State University-West Plains Academic Affairs

Dr. Dennis Lancaster
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Donna Bird
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Missouri State University-West Plains Admissions

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