Associate of Arts in Teaching


Associate of Arts
General Education Core RequirementsCredit Hours
State wide general education core 42

General education credits should be carefully selected with the help of an advisor whenever possible to meet degree requirements and prerequisites, to prepare for the Missouri General Education Assessment (MoEGA) and to address level and area of teacher preparation.

Teacher Education Core RequirementsCredit Hours
(Courses are currently being developed. Contact an advisor for more information.)
EDU 250 Foundations of Education 3
PSY 260 Educational Psychology 3
IMT 265 Technology for Teachers 3
EDU 202 Teaching Profession with Field Experience 3
Teacher Educate Core Total 12
Institutional Requirements:Credit Hours
CIS 101 Computers for Learning 3
IDS 297 Topics in Globalization (Capstone course) 3
Institutional Total 6
Additional RequirementsCredit Hours
Additional electives needed (EDU 150 Introduction to Teaching) 2

Electives may be selected from education electives, content areas or any other courses. Electives should be carefully selected with the help of an advisor to meet degree requirements, prerequisites, preparation for the CBASE and planned level and area of teacher preparation.

Other Requirements: 
Students must achieve the minimum MoEGA score required by Missouri State University
Degree RequirementsCredit Hours
Total Hours 62

Four-year transfer institutions may have additional requirements, including higher GPA or CBASE scores. Students are encouraged to work closely with an advisor from the receiving institution so they may understand and prepare to meet all entrance requirements.