Missouri State University - West Plains


Sending in a paper

When students submit, they should consider the amount of time tutors will need to respond to students will need to revise. Tutors try to return papers within 24 hours. The tutors will respond to papers in the order we receive them, so please plan carefully for this turnaround time. Our suggestion is to plan for two days: that is, if a paper is due on Wednesday at noon, send it to the OWL by noon on the Monday before so the tutor will be able to provide good feedback, and students will have time to implement that feedback.

With consideration for the hundreds of other OWL users, please send no more than two papers or two drafts of the same paper per week.


Sending Revisions

Students may send a paper again after they fully revise it. Students may request to work with the same tutor who worked with them on the previous draft, but we cannot guarantee that tutor will be available.


Sentence-Level Concerns (“Grammar”)

Please proofread and use spell check before sending a paper to the OWL. Tutors usually will not proofread for typographical errors, spelling errors, and other types of production-errors.