Missouri State University - West Plains

Book Buyback

How Buyback Works

Any day of the week the store can buy back textbooks through a wholesaler.

For online students: You can send an email to WPDragoCollegeStore@MissouriState.edu with the title, author, ISBN# (on back of book). The store will reply with what price we can give for that edition and title.

Then if you agree to sell at that price, you will mail in the book with your name and address. Once we receive the book and verify the condition, the store will mail a check to the address provided.

For students on campus: Bring in your textbook during regular business hours. However the best time to sell is during finals week. That is when the store buys for upcoming semester and the student can receive better pricing on books that will be required again.

Buyback Policy:

Show your textbook purchase receipt from our store and receive a better buyback value if the textbook is on our buyback list for the upcoming semester. Show your semester receipt or we can print one after seeing your BearPass or driver's license. Come in the week before buyback if you need a printed receipt.

If you did buy your semester textbooks from another competitive source, the Drago College Store will still pay money on textbooks that have any buyback value for the college market or an adjusted price for our store's textbook wantlist.

Book Buyback Dates

Drago College Store

July 30-31, 2014

August 1, 2014


9 AM to 5 PM

9 AM to 4 PM

Mountain Grove-Shannon Hall

July 31, 2014 4:00 PM to 6 PM