Missouri State University - West Plains


Textbooks for Rent:

AGR 100, AGR 103, AGR 144, AGR 197, AGR 240, AST 115, BIO 102, BIO 210, BMS 267, BMS 268, CFD 160, 
CFD 204, CFD 244, CFD 297, CFD 560, CFD 300, CGP 145, CGP 150, CGP 251, CGP 262, CIS 232, COM 115,
EAD 781, EAD 788, ECE 501, ECE 601, EDU 202, ELE 429, ELE 434, ELE 438, ENG 101, ENG 110, ENG 210,
ENG 215, ENG 230, EPR 230, EPR 290, FIN 266, FIN 280, GLG 110, GRY 100, GRY 142, HST 121, HST 122,
IDS 110, IDS 112, IDS 297-02, IDS 297-04, IDS 297-03, INS 314, LAW 231, LAW 539, LWE 250, LWE 297,
MGT 120, MGT 130, MKT 155, MKT 351, MTH 103, MTH 130, MTH 135, MTH 240, MTH 261, NUR 101,NUR 202,
PHI 110, PHY 100, PHY 102, PHY 101, PLS 101, PLS 205, PSY 121, PSY 200, PSY 274, PSY 441, RDG 318,
RDG 420, RDG 474, REL 100, REL 101, REL 102, RST 120, SEC 302, SOC 150, SPE 310, SWK 222, SWK 726,
TEC 105, TEC 255.

Order your books online or reserve your textbooks.

Call (417) 255-7227 to ask about all our rental books.  We now have over 72 titles for rent.

The store strives to provide you with the best selection of required new and used textbooks in stock. Buying used textbooks saves you money. We offer continuous year-round buyback of textbooks at our store. Here's virtually everything you ever wanted to know about textbooks.

Ways to get your textbooks

The store offersf three ways to get your textbooks. One is to purchase online and have the books shipped to your home address or pick up at the store. The second way is to reserve your textbooks. By filling out a form early you can reserve your texts to get as many used texts as possible. This can save you money and time. Each semester we have designated pick up dates on reserved books prior to classes beginning. When reserving your texts, you choose a method of payment on the form. The third way of obtaining your textbooks is to shop at the store. The store has several courses that offer a rental option versus purchasing.   The earlier you shop, reserve or buy online the better the selection of used books.

Textbook pricing

Textbooks can be expensive. A way to save on your semester expense is to take advantage of the rental options the store offers.

Why you should purchase or rent your textbooks

Your professors carefully choose course materials that will best serve as a core source of information and compliment what is being presented in class. Your textbooks are 24-hour learning tools, giving you access to knowledge, insights and experience of the authors who are experts in their fields. By purchasing your textbooks, you are giving yourself powerful tools for academic success.

Buyback policy

Your current edition textbooks are valuable and you can sell them back to the bookstore every day. However, finals week of each semester is the best time to sell your texts. If the text is ordered for use in the next semester, the store will usually pay  as much as 50% of the retail price until the quantity is reached for the enrollment demand. Once the demand is reached, we pay you the price the national market is currently paying for that title and ship the title to a national distributor.

Old editions

Publishers issue new textbook editions quite frequently. When a new edition becomes available, old editions have little or no value.


Your books must be in good shape with bindings, covers and all pages intact. Water damage will cause you to get less or no value at all. Handling your books with care during the term will pay off at the end.