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Student Success Story: Cindy Bridges

Missouri State-West Plains Student Success Story

New Beginnings … Endless Possibilities

Cindy Bridges

Cindy J. BridgesServing as an academic advisor in the student advisement & academic support (SAAS) center and a per-course instructor of business math at Missouri State University-West Plains, Cindy Bridges now provides the kind of advice that once opened the door of higher education for her. Newly divorced and a single mother, Cindy chose to attend the West Plains campus more than 10 years ago to stay close to her family support system. At the time, she was working part time in the academic support center (now SAAS). “My boss, Janice Johnson, was very influential in my decision to enroll in classes as I continued to work on campus,” she said. “I knew education was the only real path to creating a better life for me and for my daughter.”

Cindy completed the Associate of Arts in General Studies degree at Missouri State-West Plains and then continued her education through the Missouri State Outreach center. She completed a Bachelor of Science in General Business degree and a master's degree in Business Administration through the Outreach center on the West Plains campus. “The fantastic support I received from the faculty, staff, my boss and co-workers, as well as my family, played such an important role in my accomplishments,” she said.

Cindy has been advising and teaching students for five years now at West Plains campus and she feels the community and surrounding area is truly blessed to have this campus and the opportunities it provides. “I know from my experience in working with students that many of them, like me, would not have the opportunity to pursue a higher education and build a better life without this campus,” she said.