Missouri State University - West Plains

Larry Spence, BS

Hometown: Willow Springs, MO

Currently Resides: Willow Springs, MO

Occupation: Howell County Collector

Academic Degrees:

  • Bachelor of Science in Radio and Television Journalism, Arkansas State University, 1971
  • Attended Missouri State University-West Plains from spring 1968 through spring 1969

Family Information:

Married to Linda.  We have a son, Marty, a daughter, Megan, and two granddaughters, Emma and Katy.

Why did you choose to attend Missouri State-West Plains?

Opportunity. It allowed me to work, live at home and commute daily to evening classes.

How did the West Plains Campus help you accomplish your goals?

Without the West Plains campus, I would not have completed my college degree program. For social and financial reasons, the West Plains campus was what I required to finish my goals.

What are your fondest memories of your time at the West Plains Campus?

Playing cards during class breaks in the student lounge (a classroom in the high school).

How would you sum up your experience at Missouri State-West Plains?

Positive in every way. I still maintain many friendships with my fellow students at what was then referred to as the West Plains Residence Center.

Recent professional achievements:

I have held the office of Howell County Presiding Commissioner for 12 years and was elected county collector in November 2010.