Missouri State University - West Plains


Named Scholarship Opportunities:

There is nothing more emotionally satisfying for a donor than watching a student he or she has financially helped finish school. The bond that develops between benefactor and recipient is one that lasts for years and is one reason why funding scholarships continues to be the most popular donor choice at our institution.

An endowed scholarship can be established for a minimum of $10,000. Although this can be made payable over a period of 10 years, it cannot be awarded until the full endowment is reached. Exceptions are made when the donor makes an additional annual gift of 4.5 percent of the fully endowed value so the scholarship can be awarded. Scholarship donors can establish guidelines for their scholarship based on geographic area, grade point average and enrollment status.

An annual scholarship can be established for a minimum of $500 per year for five years. Again, guidelines can be established by the donor.

The greatest scholarship need on our campus is the private funding of institutional scholarships. These are scholarships traditionally funded by the University. Donors can fund these individual scholarships as well, thereby helping to fund a student’s education and simultaneously relieving the University of a financial obligation. By privately funding existing scholarships instead of creating new ones, this option is truly a win-win for all involved, especially in the current climate of drastic state budget cuts.

  • All scholarship benefactors receive a thank you letter from their scholarship recipient. Recipient and benefactor also have the opportunity to meet and visit during the annual scholarship luncheon.
  • All scholarship recipients are chosen by a scholarship committee appointed by the University administration.
  • All endowed scholarship benefactors are honored with publicity and a luncheon in their honor at historic Kellett  Hall on the Missouri State University-West Plains campus.

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