Friends Membership

A Friends' membership is a great way to support the Garnett Library. You receive access to over two million books and periodicals through the Garnett Library in West Plains and the Meyer Library at the Missouri State University campus in Springfield. Joining at the Patron or Premier levels is recognized with the dedication of books in your honor in the Garnett Library.

To join, complete and mail the membership form or call (417) 255-7940 to reserve a spot as a guest at one of the monthly meetings. It's a great way to learn more about Friends and meet other members of the community.

Annual Memberships

Student Membership $5.00
Regular Individual Membership $25.00
Patron Individual Membership $50.00
Premier Individual Membership $100.00
Business/Organization Membership $100.00

Lifetime Memberships

Individual Lifetime Membership $500.00
Business/Organization Lifetime Membership $1,000.00

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Lifetime Members

  • Ms. Julia Austin
  • Ms. Diane Basom
  • Ms. Mary Bischoff
  • Mrs. Carolyn Brill
  • Mr. Paul Childers
  • Ms. Sara Deatherage
  • Ms. Kimberly Foht
  • Dr. Marvin Fowler
  • Ms. Diann Garnett
  • Mr. Jay Garnett
  • Ms. Karen Garnett
  • Mr. Mark Garnett
  • Ms. Billie Kay Gohn
  • Mr. S. David Gohn
  • Mrs. Jeanette Grisham
  • Mrs. Marty Henry
  • Mrs. Marianna Hicks
  • Ms. Sandy Joplin
  • Ms. Stephanie Lashley
  • Ms. Ann Manning
  • Ms. Heather Moores
  • Dr. Stan Morrison
  • Dr. Connie O'Neal
  • Ms. Betty Paschall
  • Ms. Evelyn Vetter
  • Mr. John Wiles

Lifetime Business Members

  • Howell-Oregon Electric Cooperative
  • Ozarks Medical Center
  • Robertson-Drago Funeral Home
  • Wood & Huston Bank

2014-2015 Members

  • Dr. Craig Albin
  • Ms. Linda Anderson
  • Mr. Newt Brill
  • Mr. Vernon Cooper
  • Dr. Surinder Datta
  • Ms. Keri Elrod
  • Ms. Rita Fugate
  • Mr. Royce Fugate
  • Ms. Kay Garrett
  • Mrs. Hazel Gleason
  • Ms. Elizabeth Grisham
  • Ms. Ruth Hall
  • Ms. Sue Hall
  • Dr. Phillip Howerton
  • Ms. Florence James
  • Ms. Donna Jones
  • Ms. Kerri Jones
  • Mr. Joe Kammerer
  • Ms. Linda Keefe
  • Ms. Sylvia Kuhlmeier
  • Dr. Dennis Lancaster
  • Ms. Beverly Linson
  • Ms. Joanne Lowe
  • Dr. Herbert Lunday
  • Ms. Kathleen Morrissey
  • Ms. Barbara Nyden
  • Mr. George Osborne
  • Ms. Melinda Padgett
  • Ms. Neva Parrott
  • Ms. Sandra Reed
  • Ms. Kathy Schloss
  • Mr. Dick Shooshan
  • Ms. Carol Silvey
  • Ms. Brenda Smith
  • Ms. Pat Smith
  • Ms. Nina Stafford
  • Ms. Jane Thomas
  • Mr. Jerry Trick
  • Ms. Linda Wade
  • Ms. Miriam Ward
  • Ms. Susie Warden
  • Mr. David White
  • Ms. Constance Yates