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Faculty Handbook

Faculty Handbook (586KB PDF)

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(Revised 2009)

Faculty Handbook Approved by
Missouri State University
Board of Governors
Approval Date--December 17, 1993

Administrative Forward:

The Faculty Handbook for Missouri State University-West Plains will be reprinted and distributed to faculty every seven years following the septennial review by the Faculty Handbook Committee and approval of changes by the Board of Governors. Printing will be in loose-leaf format and pagination will be designed to accommodate page-by-page changes as needed in the years between printings.


This Faculty Handbook reflects the policies of Missouri State University-West Plains in effect as of the date of publication. It prescribes the conditions of employment of all members of the faculty, both ranked and unranked.

The Faculty Handbook represents campus-wide policy and takes precedence over policy promulgated by divisions, departments or other units within Missouri State University-West Plains. This does not preclude divisions, departments or other units within Missouri State University-West Plains from issuing policy documents separate from the Faculty Handbook; however, while all such documents may amplify, add detail to, and expand upon policies contained in the Faculty Handbook, all policy disputes shall be resolved in favor of those contained in the Faculty Handbook.

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