General Terms

Accountability Responsible department/person
CAAP Collegiate Assessment of Academic Proficiency
CLA Collegiate Learning Assessment
CCSSE Community College Survey of Student Engagement
CUPA College and University Professional Assoc.
IPEDS Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System
NCCBP National Community College Benchmarking Project
Objectives Important initiatives going into next 5 years
SAADE Systematic Assessment of Administrative Dept. Effectiveness
Tactics: Actions to take to achieve the objective
Targets How to know when the objective has been achieved

Accountability Index

AA Academic Affairs (all full-time and per-course faculty/instructors)
AC Administrative Council
ADAA Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs
ADM Admissions
CC Curriculum Committee
CH Chancellor
CSL Coordinator of Student Life and Development
CTE Coordinator of Theater and Events
DAA Dean of Academic Affairs
DBSS Director of Business and Support Services
DDE Director of Developmental Education
DDEV Director of Development
DE Development Office
DITS Director of Information Technology Services
DSS Dean of Student Services
DTP Director of TRiO Program
DU/CP Director of University/Community Programs
DUC Director of University Communications
EOL Equal Opportunity Liaison
FS Faculty Senate
GDS Grant Development Specialist
HR Human Resources
ID Instructional Designer
IR Institutional Research
LS Library Services
PTOC Project Threshold Oversight Committee
SAAS Student Advisement and Academic Support
SBTDC Small Business Technology Development Center
SGA Student Government Association
SS Student Services