Missouri State University - West Plains

General Fees Information

Admission Application Fee

A $15 non-refundable admission application fee will be required of all first-time applicants for admission. The application fee will not apply toward payment of student fees. The admission application fee is waived for faculty, staff and their dependents who are qualified for course fee waivers according to the University personnel policy.

Books and Supplies

Missouri State University-West Plains students purchase their own books. Typically, a full-time student can expect to spend approximately $500 per semester for books and supplies. Actual book costs will vary based on the number and type of courses taken and whether students buy new or used books. The total cost also is reduced for those who sell their books at the end of the semester.

Change of Schedule Period

Courses may be added during the change of schedule period. The cost of added courses must be paid at the time the change of schedule is processed, or the student must be completely enrolled in the My Payment Plan.

Credit Card Processing Fee

Missouri State University contracts with a third party to process credit card payments to pay balances on accounts for charges. MasterCard, Discover and American Express are the only approved credit cards that will be accepted. Visa does not participate in variable fee programs. The third party processing company will charge a separate convenience fee which will apply to all credit card payments. The University does not share in this fee. Payments made by check or electronic check will not have a fee.

Diploma Fee

A $20 fee is charged for the reissuance of a diploma or certificate.

Graduation Fee

A $55 fee must be paid before students will be eligible to receive their diplomas and final transcripts. A $20 fee is charged for the second and each successive degree received by students graduating with multiple associate degrees. This fee must be paid before students will be eligible to receive their additional diplomas and final transcripts indicating the completion of multiple degrees. A $20 fee is charged for each subsequent repeat of the Collegiate Assessment of Academic Proficiency (CAAP) exam.

Housing Deposit

A $100 security deposit is required of all University housing applicants. The deposit serves as the applicant’s guarantee that the contract will be completed. In addition, it may be used to cover damages or other charges if the contract is completed.

The contract period is for the fall and spring semester. Housing for the summer session is covered by a separate contract.

Students approved to cancel their lease/contract after the residence halls open for the fall semester and who remain enrolled at the University will receive an additional penalty of $200 if cancellation occurs during the fall semester, and $100 thereafter, over and above the forfeiture of the $100 security deposit. Students approved to cancel their contracts after the residence halls open for the summer session who remain enrolled at the University will receive an additional penalty of $100, over and above the forfeiture of the $100 security deposit.

Provisions for refund/forfeiture of deposits are stated in the Student "Housing" Contract.

Housing Fees

Grizzly House:

2015 Fall and 2016 Spring

Room (double occupancy) and Board Facilities (20-meal-per-week plan): Fall - $2,795; Spring - $2,795; Total = $5,590

2016 Summer

Room and Board: Room ($926) + Debit Meal Plan ($244) = $1,194

Utilities, basic cable and refrigerators are included in the above rates. Fees can be paid by semester payments or installment payments. Single occupancy (one student in a bedroom) may be approved for the fall and spring semesters only if space is available. An additional charge of $200 per semester will be made for single occupancy.

All housing contracts are for the entire academic year (excluding those contracts entered into for the summer session.) The cancellation policy is explained in the housing contract. The residence hall is closed during Thanksgiving vacation, semester break, and spring vacations. Special arrangements may be made, however, for students requiring housing during these periods.

Rates and policies are subject to change without notice.

Conferences and Institutes:

Effective May 1, 2013

Daily room rates for double occupancy with air conditioning, no meal plan:

Housing without Linen Service

Non-student groups* $18
Prospective student groups $15
Current student groups* $12
Children (ages 3-12) accompanying parents $7
Linens (per fresh set) $15

*Rates are negotiable for large non-student groups (larger than 50 persons); rate exceptions for current student groups or individuals may be approved by the dean of student services.

Other Fees/Fines:

Key Replacement (mail box, room, hall): $25 Damages: Various

BearPass (Identification) Card Fee

First-time freshmen will be issued a photo identification card (BearPass Card) during STudent Advising and Registration (STAR) Orientation. Although the Help Desk in the Lybyer Open Lab issues BearPass Cards during regular lab hours throughout the semester, students, faculty and staff members who need a card are encouraged to obtain one no later than the second week of classes. BearPass Cards are needed for various University functions, such as checking out books from the library, student discounts, etc. A student’s first BearPass Card is available at no cost. A $5 fee is assessed for the replacement of a lost BearPass Card.

International Students Health Insurance Fee

This fee will be charged each semester at the time of registration to all students for whom Missouri State University has issued student visa documents. Students registered for spring will be covered for the following summer session. The amount will be different each semester and will change annually as determined by the bidding process.

2015 Fall: $608
2016 spring/summer: $608
Annual: $1216
2014 summer only**: $240

**For students not attending previous spring

Library Fees

Overdue Fees

Books: 25¢ per day
Reserves & Videos: $2 per day
Equipment: $5 per day
Book Replacement: $100 maximum
Equipment Replacement: Replacement Cost


An item can be recalled early if another patron requests it. A fee of $1 per day is charged for overdue recalls.

My Payment Plan

Missouri State University-West Plains allows students in good financial standing to make charges on their accounts for required student fees, residence hall charges, parking permits and fines, bookstore charges, library fines and other charges and pay for those charges in installments.

Charges incurred for and during the fall semester may be paid in three monthly installments beginning Sept. 15 and ending Nov. 15.

Spring semester installments begin Feb. 15 and end April 15.

Two monthly installments may be made for summer charges, beginning June 15 and ending July 15.

Notification that a bill is ready to be viewed will be transmitted electronically to the student’s University e-mail account and payments may be made online. To access electronic bills and payment information, log into http://mygrizzlyden.missouristate.edu. No paper bills will be sent.

If all charges for the semester are not paid by the last business day of the second month in which the semester begins, a finance charge will be applied at a monthly periodic rate of 1 percent to the remaining balance.

Additional terms and conditions of the My Payment Plan are printed on the reverse of the Registration Request Form and are available at: http://wp.missouristate.edu/assets/recreg/RegistrationForm.pdf.

Non-Residential Meal Plans

2015 Fall and 2016 Spring:

Two Meals per Week: $175
Three Meals per Week: $253
Four Meals per Week: $298
Five Meals per Week: $369

The non-residential meal plans are one academic semester (fall or spring) in length. Each plan begins with breakfast on the first day of classes and ends with the evening meal on the last day of final examinations. Thanksgiving break, spring break, weekends and the period between semesters are not included in the plans. Three-day breaks (e.g., Labor Day, President’s Day and Martin Luther King, Jr., Day) are included. Meal plans are non-transferable and non-cumulative. State tax is included in the total cost.

Parking Permits/Fines

  • Students: No charge ($20 per year if student does not pay Capital Projects fee)
  • Faculty/Staff: $20 per year
  • Part-Time Faculty or Staff: No charge
  • Additional/Replacement parking permits are $4

Parking Violation Fines:

  1. Permit not present: $10
  2. Altered/stolen permit: $60
  3. Parked in “No Parking” zone: $10
  4. Not parked wholly in space: $10
  5. No disabled permit: $60
  6. Obstructing traffic: $10
  7. Parked in visitors’ space: $10

Payment of Fees

The business office located in Cass Hall will accept cash, check or money order. Checks or money orders may be mailed to the attention of the business office, 128 Garfield, West Plains, MO 65775. Payments by credit card must be made online at http://mygrizzlyden.missouristate.edu.

Certain actions may be taken when fees assessed by the University are not paid in a timely fashion. Since the minimum payment option is based on a semester’s charges and billing dates, all accounts must be paid in full by the end of the semester. Any amounts remaining unpaid at the end of a semester will be billed in full and are not subject to minimum payment. A collection charge of $5 may be assessed on any balance that is past due for a period of more than 10 days. Past due amounts of more than $100 will prevent a student from registering for the next semester. Past due amounts of more than $25 will prevent a student from receiving a transcript. Any amount due will prevent a student from receiving a diploma. Students who already have registered for a subsequent semester with a past due amount on their record will have their future registration canceled. Failure to pay will result in the student being reported to a credit service.

If a student makes payment by check and that check is not honored by the student’s bank, the student will be notified and must make restitution within 10 days from receipt of notification. When a student has unpaid charges which are over 30 days past due or has otherwise failed to make satisfactory arrangements for the settlement of a University account, the University may place an encumbrance on the student’s record, which will prevent registration for future semesters, release of transcripts and diplomas and access by the student to other University services, except where an emergency medical situation may exist; withhold the student’s payroll checks (for student employees) or refunds issued through University offices until the debt is repaid; remove the student from University housing; and/or withdraw the student. Failure to repay short-term loans by the specified date could make a student ineligible for future financial assistance. Inquiries regarding unpaid charges should be directed to the Missouri State University-West Plains, Business Office, 128 Garfield Ave., West Plains, MO 65775, phone (417) 255-7260. Should a student feel that a notification of indebtedness is incorrect, the student may submit a written appeal, citing the grounds for the appeal, within 10 days of receiving the notification of indebtedness.

Professional Services Fee

A $20 Professional Services Fee is assessed each fall and spring semester to students enrolled in a minimum of six credit hours. Contact the office of the dean of student services for information.

Student Fees Refund Schedule

Refunds are determined separately for tuition, student services fees, and supplemental and section fees as indicated below. In all cases, the date used in determining refunds shall be the date the student completes the transaction online or submits an official withdraw or change of schedule request to the registration and records office. For withdrawal requests submitted by mail, the postmark date shall be used.

Refunds of Tuition

  1. Tuition Refunds for Full Semester Length Classes (Fall and Spring):

    On or before the fifth day of the semester: 100% of Tuition
    Days 6 through 10 of the semester: 75% of Tuition
    Days 11 through 20 of the semester: 50% of Tuition
    Days 21 through 40 of the semester: 25% of Tuition
    After the 40th day of the semester: No refund

  2. Tuition Refunds for Classes with a Term*** of 19 days or less (including Intersession):

    The refund for courses with a term* of 19 days or less (including Intersession) is 100% if the class is dropped by the end of the first day of the term. After the first day of the term, refunds are made on the basis of the number of days in the term per the following schedule:

    # of Days in Term100%75%50%25%
    1 Days Prior to Day 1 n/a n/a n/a
    2 Days 1 n/a n/a n/a
    3 Days 1 2 n/a n/a
    4 Days 1 2 n/a 3
    5 Days 1 2 3 4
    6 Days 1 2 3 4
    7 Days 1 2 3 4
    8 Days 1 2 3 4
    9 Days 1 2 3 5
    10 Days 1 2 3 5
    11 Days 1 2 3 6
    12 Days 1 2 4 7
    13 Days 1 2 4 7
    14 Days 1 2 4 8
    15 Days 1 2 4 8
    16 Days 1 2 5 9
    17 Days 1 3 5 9
    18 Days 1 3 5 10
    19 Days 1 3 5 10
  3. Tuition Refunds for Classes with a Term*** of 20 days or more (including Summer):

    The refund for classes with a term*** of 20 days or more (including summer) is 100% if the class is dropped before the end of the second day of the term (even if the class does not meet on the second day of the term). Additional refund periods are proportionate to the refund periods described above for full semester classes. Refund deadlines are calculated as follows:

    • 75% refund = 0.133 times the length of term
    • 50% refund = 0.267 times the length of term
    • 25% refund = 0.533 times the length of term

    Standard rounding rules apply (e.g., the 75% refund deadline for a 250-day term is 0.133 x 25 or 3.325, which will be rounded to day 3; the 50% refund deadline for a 250-day term is 0.267 x 25 or 6.675, which will be rounded up to day 7). The registration and records office maintains refund deadline dates for each class length.

    ***For classes that are not full semester classes, refunds are based on the "length of term". For these classes, the "term" begins with the start date of the class and ends with the end date. The length of term is the number of days in that period, including the start and end date but excluding weekend and holidays when classes are not in session.

  4. Student Services Fee Refunds

    Student Services Fees will be refunded 100 percent for full semester classes dropped on or before the fifth day of the semester; for classes with a duration of 19 days or less dropped on or before the first day of the term; for classes with a duration of 20 days or more dropped on or before the second day of the term.

    For classes dropped outside of the above deadlines, student services fees are recalculated based on the credit hours in which a student remains, plus the percentage of the dropped credit hours for which the student remains liable (liability is based on the tuition refund percentage period in place at the time of the drop).

    Example 1: Student originally enrolls for the fall semester in 12 on-campus credit hours and is assessed full student services fees (i.e., the amount for seven or more credit hours). During the 50% refund period, the student drops six credit hours. The amount the student owes following the drop is recalculated to include the six remaining credits plus 50% of the six credit hours dropped (three credit hours), which totals nine liable credit hours. In this example, there is no change in student services fees.

    Example 2: Student originally enrolls in six on-campus credit hours and is assessed student services fees for those credit hours. During the 25% refund period, the student drops three credit hours. The amount the student owes following the drop is recalculated to include the three remaining credits plus 75% of the three dropped credit hours (2.25), which totals 5.25 liable credit hours. Student services fees will be assessed based on six liable credit hours (credit hours are rounded up).

    Example 3: Student originally enrolls in 12 on-campus credit hours and is assessed full student services fees (i.e., the amount for seven or more credit hours). During the 75% refund period, the same student drops all 12 credit hours. Student services fees are recalculated to charge for the 25% liability of the 12 credit hours dropped, which is three liable credit hours. Student services fees will be assessed based on three liable credit hours. Thus the student will receive a credit (refund) for the difference between the student services fee for three hours and seven hours.

  5. Supplemental Course Fee Refunds

    If a student drops during the 100% refund period for tuition (as indicated above), 100% of supplemental fees will be refunded (with the exception of fees that have already been expended on the part of the student). No refund of supplemental or section fees is issued for students who drop after the 100% refund period.

  6. Refunds for Recipients of Federal Aid

    For students who are recipients of Federal Title IV student aid, refunds will be made in accordance with all applicable federal regulations.

  7. Refunds for Non-Attendance

    Missouri State University-West Plains will consider requests for full refunds of tuition and fees if it is determined that a student:

    • Did not attend any classes during the semester;
    • Did not live any length of time in University student housing;
    • Did not have other campus charges on their account (e.g., bookstore, food service, etc.);
    • Did not have any financial aid returned causing the returned aid to be placed on the student’s account;
    • Withdrew from all classes by the last day to drop as indicated on the academic calendar;
    • Submitted a tuition appeal to the registration and records office;
    • Has not been given a full refund for non-attendance for a previous semester.

    A student must meet all of the above criteria to qualify for a full refund/credit of fees under this policy. Any potential refund will be credited to the student’s account in accordance with the current semester refund schedule found at:http://wp.missouristate.edu/recreg/RefundSchedule.htm

  8. Changes of Schedule

    Students who drop courses during the change of schedule period will receive a credit on their account in accordance with the Required Student Fees Refund Schedule. Because courses are not supposed to be added after the change of schedule period, dropped courses and added courses (including section changes), will result in an additional financial obligation for the student. Exceptions may be granted when the department of the course(s) dropped and added provides written verification to the academic affairs office stating that the late schedule change was required or recommended by the department.

    Courses may be added during the change of schedule period. Additional cost of courses added must be paid at the time the change of schedule is processed, or the student must be completely enrolled in the My Payment Plan.

Residence for Fee Purposes

Missouri State University-West Plains is a state-assisted institution; therefore, fees for Missouri residents are lower than those for non-residents. A student’s residence status is determined at the time of admission according to a policy recommended by the Missouri Coordinating Board for Higher Education and adopted by the Missouri State University Board of Governors. Copies of this policy are available on request from the admissions office. Current students seeking a change in their resident classification should contact that office.

Exceptions to the Fee Refund Policies

Exceptions to the withdrawal and change of schedule fee refund policy must be approved by the registration and records office. Appeals must be submitted in writing to the registration and records office within one month of the date of the withdrawal or change of schedule and should be accompanied by appropriate supporting documentation.

Missouri State University-West Plains will make the following efforts to identify students who are registered but not attending classes:

  1. Discrepancy Reporting – Instructors will monitor class rosters through My Grizzly Den. After the first week of class, instructors will report students who meet the following conditions:
    • A student is attending class but not on their class roster.
    • A student is listed on the class roster but not attending class.

    In either case, the registration and records office notifies the student via letter and requests he/she contact the office immediately to resolve the situation.

  2. Mid-Term Grade Reporting – Students earning D’s and F’s on their midterm grade report are contacted via their University email address to notify them of their grade and encourage them to take steps to improve their grade through various means. If a student has not been attending classes and has not taken proper steps to withdraw after being reported by instructors on Discrepancy Reporting, this email may generate a response.

If a student receives all F’s on his/her midterm grade report and instructors confirm the student has not attended class, steps may be taken administratively to withdraw the student. A student who is administratively withdrawn will receive W’s for those courses. The student will be responsible for paying the percentage of basic fees/tuition not refunded according to the refund schedule.

Returned Check Charge Fee

A $30 fee will be charged to anyone who presents to the University a check that is not honored by the bank on which the check is drawn. The charge will be for each check returned.

Short-Term Loan Service Charge

There is a service charge of $5 for each short-term loan processed for the student.

Student Activity Fee

All students are required to pay a $20 activity fee per fall/spring semester and a $10 activity fee per summer session. Some exceptions may apply. See fee schedule for details. This fee covers the cost of access to the civic center pool and fitness center, tickets to University/Community Programs theater events, and organizational support for student life. The pool and fitness center can be accessed during regular operational hours with a BearPass card. Tickets to theater events are available at the civic center box office on a first-come basis with a BearPass card. The organizational support fund establishes a financial source for student organization needs. The Student Government Association (SGA) oversees this fund.

Student Recreation Center Usage Fee

  • Students and guests of students¬-No Charge
  • Faculty and staff (full-time and part-time)-No Charge
  • Guests of faculty and staff-No Charge
  • All others-$3.00 daily usage fee, SGA approved days only.
    • Community members under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Supplemental Course Fees

Supplemental course fees may be assessed on individual courses to cover the cost of specialized supplies, equipment or services for instructional purposes provided by the University to all students enrolled in the course. They are in addition to routine instructional expenses. Such courses and fees are identified below and will be assessed at the time of registration. Students also should be aware that other courses might require the student to purchase specialized materials. (See table below)

Supplemental Course Fees:

for West Plains for 2015 Fall, 2016 Spring, & 2016 Summer

AGR 104...$20.00
AGR 162...$105.00
AGR 191...$20.00
AGR 196...$20.00
AGR 215...$20.00
AGR 262...$130.00
AST 113...$20.00
AST 114...$20.00
AST 115...$20.00
BIO 100...$20.00
BIO 117...$20.00
BIO 121...$20.00
BIO 122...$20.00
BMS 210...$20.00
BMS 110...$20.00
BMS 267...$25.00
BMS 268...$25.00
CFD 260...$45.00
CGP 110...$55.00
CGP 115...$55.00
CGP 120...$55.00
CGP 130...$55.00
CGP 145...$55.00
CGP 150...$55.00
CGP 155...$55.00
CGP 160...$55.00
CGP 170...$55.00
CGP 180...$55.00
CGP 197...$20.00
CGP 200...$55.00
CGP 210...$55.00
CGP 220...$55.00
CGP 230...$55.00
CGP 250...$55.00
CGP 251...$55.00
CGP 257...$55.00
CGP 255...$55.00
CGP 260...$55.00
CGP 261...$55.00
CGP 262...$55.00
CGP 265...$55.00
CGP 297...$55.00
CHM 117...$20.00
EPR 185...$140.00
NUR 100...$155.00
NUR 101...$155.00
NUR 190...$200.00
NUR 201...$40.00
NUR 202...$40.00
NUR 204...$175.00
NUR 212...$175.00
NUR 220...$150.00
PED 135...$30.00
PHY 100...$20.00
PHY 101...$20.00
PHY 123...$20.00
PHY 124...$20.00
PHY 203...$20.00
PHY 204...$20.00
RDG 125...$30.00
RST 120...$150.00
RST 132...$180.00
RST 210...$150.00
RST 245...$180.00
RST 297...$180.00
TEC 200...$55.00
TEC 260...$55.00
TEC 265...$55.00
TEC 270...$55.00
VIN 112...$60.00
VIN 113...$60.00
VIN 114...$60.00
VIN 115...$60.00
VIN 246...$60.00
VIN 247...$60.00
VIN 257...$120.00
VIN 259...$120.00
VIN 266...$150.00
VIN 268...$150.00


LWE130; LWE190 (15 credit hours) $2,625
LWE131; LWE191 (15 credit hours) $2,625
LWE120 $1,450

†A large portion of the course fee is dictated by the Missouri Sheriffs’ Training Academy.

No deposit is required for laboratory courses. A student responsible for unusual breakage or loss of equipment will be required to pay for such breakage or loss.


A $25 delivery fee will be charged for transcripts, enrollment verifications, and other documents sent via express or overnight mail from the registration and records office inside the continental United States. Overnight document delivery (including transcripts) outside the continental United States will be charged at the University’s actual cost. (No fee is charged for transcripts issued to the student or sent via regular mail.) Transcripts will not be sent for current or former students who owe $25.00 or more to the University. All transcript requests must be in writing to the Missouri State University-West Plains Office of Registration and Records, 128 Garfield Ave., West Plains, MO 65775, and must include the following before the request will be processed:

  1. student’s full name and any former names
  2. student’s BearPass number or date of birth
  3. last semester of attendance
  4. student’s current address including day phone number
  5. name and address to which transcript is to be mailed
  6. student’s signature to authorize the release of transcript