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Welcome to the student life and development page. Here you will find everything that students of Missouri State University-West Plains need to know. The coordinator of student life and development's office is located in the Putnam Student Center.


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Carpooling Information

Are you interested in carpooling to campus? Check out the carpooling information on the Student Information Blog.

Apply for Carpooling by filling out an application and return the application to the business office.

Carpool Application

Contract Carpool Conditions:

  • Riders in a carpool must be registered by the contract holder each semester prior to the second Friday of full semester classes.
  • To form a carpool, a person must have three or more people driving to campus together from the same geographical area a minimum of 20 miles from the University at least two times per week.
  • Carpool riders can only belong to one carpool.
  • All carpool contract holders must be Missouri State University-West Plains students.
  • Parking contracts are not transferable.

Click for Carpooling Information