Missouri State University - West Plains

Student Government Association

The purpose and goals of the Student Government Association shall be to provide reasonable and coherent policies, leadership and unity for the Missouri State University-West Plains student body. This organization shall also create and act as a medium between the students, faculty, and the administration of the campus. The Student Government Association shall provide opportunities for students to assist the surrounding community and service area in an attempt to promote higher education through community service. The Student Government Association shall be responsible for funding student organizations and the Student Government Association of the Mountain Grove campus, while observing fiscal responsibility.

Weekly Meetings: Held every Thursday, in Looney 304, at 4:00 PM

SGA Executive Branch

  • President: Dakota Bates
  • Vice-President: Sarah Agee
  • Chief-of-Staff:
  • Historian:
  • Treasurer: 
  • Publicist: 

SGA Constitution