Missouri State University - West Plains

Student Organizations Handbook

University Statement on the Registration of Student Organizations at Missouri State West Plains

Missouri State University-West Plains believes in the importance of co-curricular involvement in activities as a vital part of the college experience. The successful creation and maintenance of an organization gives students an opportunity to develop leadership and organization skills that will benefit them in future endeavors. It is the position of the University that the free and open association of students through organizations that are lawful and consistent with University policies are necessary to further a student's growth. The philosophical basis for student organizations is to provide opportunities for education in civic responsibility, leadership, cooperation, independent thought and action, and participation in the rights and privileges afforded all members of the community.

Becoming a Registered Student Organization

It is very simple to create a student organization. There are three basic steps:

  1. Meet with the Coordinator of Student Life and Development
  2. Fill out the necessary information
    • An organization constitution and by-laws
    • A list of charter members
    • A signed Advisor's Agreement
    • A completed application form
  3. Attend a Student Organization Orientation Meeting

Benefits of being an Official Student Organization

Every Organization that is officially recognized has the following rights and privileges:

  • Use the Missouri State West Plains name to identify institutional affiliations.
  • Recruit members on campus.
  • Use University's facilities for meetings and functions.
  • Post on University's bulletin boards according to Advertisement Policy
  • Have access to free publicity in University publications
  • Use the resources provided through the Office of Student Life and Development

In addition to those benefits there will be various meetings and leadership development opportunities available to students participating in student organizations

Maintenance of a Student Organization

There is a pact formed between student organizations and the University. The University agrees to provide services and opportunities for the organization and the organization agrees to follow the laws of the University and of the city, state and federal government. To assure the University of an organization's continuing pledge to abide by those rules there will be maintenance forms required by the Office of Student Life and Development. They are:

  1. An annual registration form listing the officers and members of an organization. These will be due by the end of the first month of classes each semester. This form can be picked up in the Office of Student Life and Development
  2. If revisions have occurred to the Constitution and/or By-laws of the organization a copy shall be due to the Office of Student Life and Development within the first month of class each semester

It is suggested, but not required, that organizations keep a record of minutes. This record could greatly benefit the organization in the case of disciplinary interest or for historical purposes. The Office of Student Life and Development may request such a book if a disciplinary situation does arise.

Requirements of Officially Registered Student Organizations

Official student organizations are required to meet the following requirements:

  1. Be composed of at least four Missouri State West Plains students
  2. All members of the organization must be students
  3. Abide by the policies on following pages in each of the following areas:
    1. Affiliation
    2. Alcohol
    3. Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities
    4. Co-Sponsorships
    5. Financial
    6. Funding Handbook
    7. Liability
    8. Membership Practices
    9. Travel Procedures