Certificate in Medical/Clinical Assistant

Health Information Technology-Medical/Clinical Assistant (Cert)

This certificate of achievement is designed as a program for student's interests in the field of health care information systems, health information privacy and security, compliancy with payment laws and regulations, hospital medical office, doctor's office and the management of health information. The students completing the certificate will be trained as a medical assistant. Your certificate exhibits commitment to your profession and personal growth.

Health Information Technology Requirements Credit Hours
ALH 116 Medical Terminology 3
HIT 140 Pathopharmacology for Health Information Technology 3
HIT 170 Electronic Health Records 3
HIT 180 Anatomy and Physiology for Health Information Technology 3
HIT 270 Medical Assistant Office Procedures 3
HIT 280 Medical Assistant Clinical Procedures 3
HIT 290 Medical Assistant Laboratory Procedures 3
HIT 299 Medical Assistant Practicum 3
Certificate Totals Credit Hours
Total Hours Required 24

All courses approved by the Curriculum Committee are done so on a provisional basis. There will be a review of the course/program during the first year it is the course catalog to see if it meets the expectations of the division and curriculum committee.