Associate of Arts in General Studies

General Studies (AA)

Associate of Arts

The required general education courses for the Associate of Arts in General Studies are listed as follows:

Institutional Requirements Credit Hours
IDS 110 Student Success 2
CIS 101 Computers for Learning 3
IDS 297 Topics in Globalization 2-3
Total Hours for Institutional Requirements 7-8
Core 42 Requirements Credit Hours
Written Communications 6
ENG 110 Writing I 3
  • ENG 210 Writing II: Academic Writing  OR
  • ENG 221 Writing II: Writing for the Professions
Oral Communications 3
COM 115 Fundamentals of Public Speaking 3
Mathematical Sciences  3
  • MTH 130 Contemporary Mathematics  OR
  • MTH 136 Pre-Calculus I: Algebra  OR
  • Completion of a course that uses MTH 130 or MTH 136 as a prerequisite
Civics 6
PLS 101 American Democracy and Citizenship 3
  • HST 121 Survey of US History to 1877  OR
  • HST 122 Survey of US History Since 1877
Social/Behavioral Science - Choose any course from below: 3
  • ANT 125 Exploring Our Human Ancestry
  • ANT 226 Cultural Anthropology
  • CFD 155 Principles of Human Development
  • ECO 101 Economics of Social Issues
  • ECO 155 Principles of Macroeconomics
  • ECO 165 Principles of Microeconomics
  • GRY 100 World Regional Geography
  • HST 103 World History to 1600 C.E.
  • HST 104 World History Since 1600 C.E.
  • PLS 205 Countries and Culture: Comparative Government*
  • PLS 232 International Relations*
  • PSY 121 Introductory Psychology
  • SOC 150 Principles of Sociology
Humanities/Fine Arts - Choose three courses from at least two disciplines. 9
Natural Science - Students must choose one life science course and one physical science course and one lab component. (Courses with have a lab component.) 7

Life Sciences Physical Sciences
Total CORE 42 Requirements
Students should choose additional hours to reach 42, CORE 42 hours.

Students should complete additional courses to total a minimum of 60 total credit hours.

General Studies (AA) Degree Credit Hours
Total Hours Required 60

Darr Honors Program Graduates

Criminology Transfer Major

These four courses directly satisfy degree requirements in the Bachelor of Science in Criminology at Missouri State University-Springfield. These course will be offered at least one semester per year and are also included in the Associate of Applied Science in Law Enforcement.

Criminology Transfer Major Requirements Credit Hours
Electives: Complete the following 12 credit hours:
CRM 210 Introduction to the American Criminal Justice System 3
CRM 250 Policing 3
CRM 260 Criminal Law and the Courts 3
CRM 270 Institutional and Community-Based Corrections 3
Total Credit Hours 12

Students considering transferring into the Bachelor's of Science in Criminology should take these twelve elective hours as part of the Associate of Arts in General Studies.