Interdisciplinary Studies Courses

Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS) courses

  • IDS 110 Student Success

    The purpose of IDS 110 is to assist the new student in making a successful transition to Missouri State University-West Plains, both academically and socially, and toward the completion of the student's academic goals. This course introduces students to the educational goals of the University and aims to foster a sense of belonging, promote engagement in both curricular and extra-curricular activities, and encourage life-long learning. The course also seeks to help students develop and apply essential study skills, information management, enhance critical thinking and communication skills, explore interests, abilities, values, and connect degree and career planning. Students are challenged to enhance their potential, understand their academic and social responsibilities, and appreciate diversity in an environment that supports their intellectual, personal and social development.Students who take a 1-credit hour IDS 110 will also need to take a 1-credit hour IDS 115 course in order to fulfill degree requirements.

    Credit hoursLecture contact hoursLab contact hoursTypically offered
    1-3Fall, Spring
  • IDS 115 Career Exploration

    This course is designed to complement a one credit-hour IDS 110 course and will assist students in making meaningful academic and career choices that are aligned with their unique strengths, interests, values, and personalities. Students will participate in self-assessments, major and career exploration, and decision making activities.

    Credit hoursLecture contact hoursLab contact hoursTypically offered
    110Fall, Spring
  • IDS 187 Tutor Training

    Prerequisite(s): Instructor approval.

    Study of leading tutoring theory across the curriculum with emphasis on writing and math. Taught for students interested in tutoring in their fields. Students successfully completing the class will attain one levels of College Reading and Learning Association certification through training and hands-on experience in the Tutoring Lab.

    Credit hoursLecture contact hoursLab contact hoursTypically offered
  • IDS 250 Academic Service Learning

    Prerequisite(s): Permission for enrollment must be granted by the Division Chair with a limit of 2 students per division.

    This course is designed to provide service learning opportunities for students who desire to serve in one of our four academic divisions, or who would like to pursue an approved off-campus academic service learning project. Selected students will receive instructions and assignments that will allow them to serve the division in creative and intellectual ways - they will not be secretaries or lab assistants. Interested students should go to the Academic Affairs Office and pick up an application during the campus' advisement week prior to the semester they wish to serve. This course may be repeated for up to six credit hours. 1(0-2) to

    Credit hoursLecture contact hoursLab contact hoursTypically offered
    306Upon demand
  • IDS 297 Topics in Globalization

    Prerequisite(s): Completion of 40 hours, including: COM 115, ENG 110, ENG 210 or ENG 221 (concurrent enrollment allowed), MTH 130 or greater (except MTH 197) (concurrent enrollment allowed) and IDS 110.

    Required of all students seeking selected associate of applied science degree programs (students should review the catalog description of degree programs to see which degree programs require this course). This course provides a culminating experience for the general education program and includes some non-course educational experiences. The course is a variable content course which uses an interdisciplinary approach to present topics related to global issues from the perspectives and interactions among multiple fields. This course is communications and/or writing intensive. Students must submit a learning portfolio. Failure to complete this assignment will result in an automatic grade of F in this course. If extenuating circumstances exist, you may apply for an incomplete. See your student catalog for more information about applying for an incomplete. May be repeated a maximum of 6 hours with a content change on a space-available basis.

    Credit hoursLecture contact hoursLab contact hoursTypically offered
    2-3Fall, Spring