Associate of Applied Science in Community Behavioral Health Support

Community Behavioral Health Support (AAS)

Associate of Applied Science

The Associate of Applied Science in Community Behavioral Health Support works to prepare students for employment in community based behavioral health facilities immediately upon graduation by providing both real world experience and specialized training. Through field and internship experiences and tailored instruction, graduates will be fully prepared to enter a career in this challenging field.

Through a partnership with the Missouri Department of Mental Health, there are many local and statewide job opportunities in this field. Students will complete the program at an accelerated pace and graduate in a year and a half through a mix of a seated and hybrid format classes.

Associate of Applied Science in Community Behavioral Health Support

Preadmission Semester - 14 hours Credit Hours
BHS 200 Introduction to Behavioral Community Health Support 2
PSY 121 Introductory Psychology (if needed) 3
ENG 110 Writing I 3
CIS 101 Computers for Learning 3
  • HST 121 Survey of US History to 1877  OR
  • HST 122 US History Since 1877  OR
  • PLS 101 American Democracy and Citizenship
Admitted Cohort Summer Semester - 6 hours Credit Hours
BHS 210 Legal and Ethical Issues in Behavioral Health 3
BHS 220 Systems of Care in Behavioral Health Clients 3
Fall Semester - 17 hours Credit Hours
BHS 230 Substance Abuse Disorders 3
BHS 240 Client Interactions I 3
BHS 291 Field Practicum I 2
CFD 155 Principles of Human Development 3
ENG 221 Writing II: Writing for the Professions 3
COM 205 Interpersonal Communication Theory and Skills 3
Spring Semester - 17 hours Credit Hours
BHS 250 Chronic Health Care Issues 3
BHS 260 Family and Youth Issues 3
BHS 270 Client Interactions II 3
BHS 292 Field Practicum II 3
MTH 100 (or higher) Intermediate Applied Mathematics 2
PSY 274 Abnormal Psychology 3
Summer Semester - 7 hours Credit Hours
BHS 280 Evidence Based Treatments 4
BHS 293 Field Practicum III 3
Community Behavioral Health Support (AAS) Degree Credit Hours
Total Hours Required 61