Certificate in Equine Studies

Equine Studies (Cert)


The Certificate in Equine Studies provides with knowledge specific to the equine industry, including equine management, health, nutrition, and evaluation of horses. Riding courses, including hunt seat and stock seat, are also included. While the Certificate in Equine Studies may be completed as a standalone certificate program, courses in this certificate may also be used to complete the Animal Science Certificate, Associate of Science in Agriculture or the Associate of Applied Science in Agriculture. 12 Credit Hours

Equine Studies Certificate Requirements Credit Hours
Select 12 credit hours from the following:
AGR 161 Introduction to Horses. 3
AGR 162 Introduction to Riding 1
AGR 163 Introduction to Hunt Seat Equestrian Competition 1
AGR 164 Introduction to Stock Seat Equestrian Competition 1
AGR 191 Evaluation and Performance Appraisal of Horses 2
AGR 201 Physiology of Farm Animals 3
AGR 202 Reproductive Physiology 3
AGR 206 Veterinary Science 3
AGR 210 Animal Nutrition 3
AGR 262 Riding for Horse Training 2
AGR 263 Intermediate Hunt Seat Competition 1
AGR 264 Intermediate Stock Seat Equestrian Competition 1
AGR 299 Agricultural Internship 1-3
Equine Studies (Cert) Credit Hours
Total Hours Required 12