Certificate in Health Information Technology - Electronic Health Records Specialist

Electronic Health Records Specialist (Cert)

This certificate of achievement is designed as a program for student’s interests in the field of electronic health records which includes maintenance of medical records; filing, scanning, and sorting files into the electronic health record; release of information to support continuum of care requests; conducts documentation integrity audits to confirm accuracy; assists in development and implementation of policies and procedures for computerized documentation; and helps maintain timely completion of the medical record through record analysis, deficiency notification, and monitoring of record completion by medical providers. The student completing the certificate will be trained as an electronic health records specialist. Your certificate exhibits commitment to your professional and personal growth. 
Allied Health Core Credit Hours
ALH 116 Medical Terminology 3
Computer Information Core Credit Hours
CIS 101 Computers for Learning 3
CIS 201 Computer Applications in Business 3
Health Information Technology Core Credit Hours
HIT 100 Introduction to Health Information Technology 3
HIT 170 Electronic Health Records 3
HIT 230 Records Management 3
HIT 260 Legal and Ethical Aspects of Healthcare 3
HIT 298 Professional Practice Experience 3
Certificate Totals Credit Hours
Total Hours Required 24