Associate of Arts in Teaching

Teaching (AA)

Associate of Arts

The required general education courses for the Associate of Arts in General Studies are listed as follows:

Foundations Requirements Credit Hours
Oral Communications
COM 115 Fundamentals of Public Speaking
Written Communications and Information Literacy
ENG 110 Writing I
Written Communications and Integrative and Applied Learning (choose one)
  • ENG 210 Writing II: Academic Writing OR
  • ENG 221 Writing II: Writing for the Professions
Recommended course
  • ENG 210 is the recommended course
First-Year Seminar
IDS 110 Student Success
Quantitative Literacy (choose one)
  • MTH 130 Contemporary Mathematics
  • MTH 136 Pre-Calculus I: Algebra
  • MTH 137 Pre-Calculus II: Trigonometry
  • MTH 138 Pre-Calculus Mathematics
  • MTH 261 Analytic Geometry and Calculus I
Recommended courses
  • MTH 130 is recommended if planning to become certified in elementary education
  • MTH 136 or higher is recommended if planning to get a secondary education degree
Natural World Requirements Credit Hours
At least one course from each area, two different course codes, at least one with a lab
Life Sciences Recommended course
Physical Sciences Recommended course 4-5
Human Culture Requirements Credit Hours
Social and Behavioral Science (choose two)
  • AGR 100 Food Security
  • AGR 144 Agricultural Economics I
  • ANT 125 Exploring Our Human Ancestry
  • CFD 155 Principles of Human Development
  • CFD 163 Relationships in Today's Families
  • ECO 155 Principles of Macroeconomics
  • ECO 165 Principles of Microeconomics
  • GRY 108 Principles of Sustainability
  • MED 120 Introduction to Mass Communications
  • PSY 121 Introductory Psychology
  • REL 131 Religion in America
  • SOC 150 Principles of Sociology
Recommended courses
  • PSY 121 is recommended as one of the courses
  • ECO 155 is recommended if planning to become certified for middle school social studies
Humanities (choose one)
  • ENG 230 Introductory Reading in Literature
  • ENG 231 Major Writers of English
  • ENG 234 Literature for Children and Young Adults
  • ENG 235 Critical Approaches to Literature
  • ENG 236 Minorities in Literature
  • ENG 280 Short Story
  • ENG 283 Folklore and Cultural Engagement
  • ENG 285 Subjects in Folklore
  • ENG 288 Literature of Work: Readings in the Professions
  • HST 103 World History to 1600 C.E.
  • HST 104 World History Since 1600 C.E.
  • LLT 121 Classical Mythology
  • LLT 197 Selected Topics in Language and Literature
  • LLT 201 Masterpieces of Continental Literature
  • LLT 202 Major Authors in Translation
  • LLT 215 Asian Global Studies
  • MED 274 Understanding Film
  • Foreign Language, any course
  • MUS 241 The Language of Music
  • PHI 110 Introduction to Philosophy
  • REL 101 Introduction to the Old Testament
  • REL 102 Introduction to the New Testament
Recommended course
  • ENG 234 is recommended if planning to become certified in Elementary Education or Middle School Education
  • If planning to become certified in elementary education, it is recommended that one of the following be taken: ART 200 (from the Arts below), MUS 239 (from the Arts below) or MUS 241 (from the Humanities above)
The Arts (choose one)
  • ART 200 Art in Context
  • ENG 203 Creative Writing: Poetry
  • ENG 205 Creative Writing: Non-Fiction
  • ENG 215 Creative Writing: Short Story
  • MUS 239 Introduction to World Music
  • THE 101 Introduction to Theatre and Drama Arts
Public Affairs Requirements Credit Hours
US and MO Constitutions and American History
PLS 101 American Democracy and Citizenship
US History (choose one)
  • HST 121 Survey of US History to 1877
  • HST 122 Survey of US History Since 1877
Cultural Competence (choose one) Recommended course
  • GRY 100 is recommended if planning to become certified for elementary education or middle school social studies
Public Issues

EDU 250 Foundations of American Education

Total General Education Requirements Credit Hours
Total Hours: 45-49
Institutional Requirements Credit Hours
CIS 101 Computers for Learning 3
EDU 150 Introduction to Teaching (optional) 0-1
Capstone Course (choose one)
  • EDU 297 Rural Education in a Global Society
  • IDS 297 Topics in Globalization
Recommended course
  • EDU 297 is the recommended course
Note: EDU 150 is required for some secondary education and STEM degrees. Please consult with an advisor at the transfer institution to determine requirements.
Total Institutional Required Hours: 5-7


  • * Students who transfer to Missouri State-Springfield before completing their Associate of Arts in Teaching degree may find these classes will not satisfy the Public Issues requirement.
  • Some four-year institutions may require a minimum grade for teacher education courses or other courses. Please consult with an advisor at the transfer institution to determine requirements.
  • If planning to teach secondary mathematics, please consult your advisor for a replacement course for MTH 220
Teacher Education Core Requirements Credit Hours
EDU 202 Teaching Profession with Field Experience 3
EDU 260 Educational Psychology 3
EDU 265 Instructional Applications of Technology and Media 3
MTH 220 Foundations of Mathematics for Teachers 3
Teacher Education Core Total 12
Other Requirements:
  • Achieve a passing score on all sections of the Missouri State Board of Education entry examination (MoGEA)
  • Achieve a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.75
  • Achieve a minimum grade point average of 2.75 for Teacher Education Core courses
Teaching (AA) Degree Credit Hours
Total Hours Required: 62-68


  • Four-year transfer institutions may have additional requirements, including higher GPA or MoGEA scores. Students are encouraged to work closely with an advisor from the receiving institution so they may understand and prepare to meet all entrance requirements.
  • Students that do not achieve passing scores on the MoGEA or that do not have the minimum GPAs may meet the requirements for the Associate of Arts in General Studies degree.