Description of Course Listings

Courses offered by Missouri State University-West Plains are identified according to the following example

Course Prefix
Course Number
Course Title
Credit Hours
Lecture Hours
Lab Hours
Course Sequence
ACC 201 Accounting 3 (3- 0) F, S

"Lecture hours" represents the number of hours per week the course will meet in a lecture environment. For courses that are lecture only, the lecture hours will equal credit hours.

“Lab hours” represents the number of hours per week the course will meet in a laboratory environment. At least two laboratory hours are required for one credit hour. For example, a four-credit hour course with three hours of lecture will have two hours or more of laboratory.

“Course sequence” indicates the schedule on which the course will be offered: F=Fall; S=Spring; Su=Summer. (Many courses with an “F, S” designation also are offered during the summer.) A “D” indicates the course will be offered on demand.

Following each course listing is a course description. The first item included in the course description is the prerequisite indicator for those courses that have prerequisites. Prerequisites are listed to inform the students what they must have in advance to ensure success in the course. Prerequisites are checked. Students must have earned a grade of D or better in a prerequisite course unless otherwise specified in the course description in order to enroll in a course for which it serves as a prerequisite. Students may be dropped from those classes for which they do not meet the prerequisites; therefore, students should register in only those courses for which they meet prerequisites.

Some courses are listed with the prerequisite of “permission” or “and permission”. Courses having the designation “CBE” are available for credit by examination.

Course descriptions also may contain specific instructions or limitations. Students should review those carefully.

Offering of courses is subject to sufficient enrollment.