Academic Record and Transcript of Credits

A record (transcript) is permanently maintained in the Office of Registration and Records for each student who enrolls at Missouri State University–West Plains. This record includes a list of courses in which the student has enrolled (except for those dropped during the Change of Schedule Period) as well as the credits and grades earned in those courses. For students with transfer credit, an entry will appear on the transcript indicating the number of credit hours awarded for each institution attended.

Request a transcript copy via our outside vendor Parchment, Inc.

Transcripts will not be released for students who owe $25 or more to the University. Such debts must be paid in full before the transcript can be released.

Parchment fees for transcripts delivered:

  • $7.50 delivered Electronically
  • $10.00 delivered domestically via mail

    A $25.00 fee will be charged for domestic transcripts sent via express or overnight mail.
    A $47.50 fee will be charged for international transcripts sent via express or overnight mail.
    There will be a 5% processing fee for all credit card (including debit) charges in excess of the transcript request fee.