Academic Accommodation of Students with Disabilities

Accommodation Policy

Missouri State University-West Plains is committed to providing an accessible and supportive environment for students with disabilities. Equal access for qualified students with disabilities is an obligation under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

Students seeking service are responsible for notifying the University of their disabilities, requesting academic accommodation(s), and providing documentation of the disability from a qualified professional. Documentation must include necessary evidence of a disability-related need for the requested accommodation(s). Accommodation(s) cannot be based simply on the student's preferences; students must show a legitimate purpose for requesting an academic accommodation. Such accommodation(s), auxiliary aids, and services cannot alter the fundamental nature of the course or program of instruction. In addition, auxiliary aids and services cannot result in an undue burden to the University. Auxiliary aids and services as defined by law will be provided without cost to a student entitled to such aid. Students generally will not be provided devices or services of a personal nature, such as attendants, individually prescribed devices or readers for personal use or study.

Students requesting academic accommodation(s) should contact the disability services coordinator in the Office of Advising and Academic Support at (417) 255-7222 (voice) or (417) 255-7715 (TTY).