Directed Self-Placement

Directed Self-Placement for Writing Classes

Except for student veterans and students enrolling in dual-credit courses, Missouri State University-West Plains no longer uses a placement exam to determine students' eligibility for college English courses. Instead, students complete a Directed Self-Placement Survey assessing their past writing experience and their confidence in their current writing skills. The Directed Self Placement Survey consists of three key parts: course descriptions, survey prompts and individualized recommendations.

The first step in selecting the appropriate entry-level English course is to study the course descriptions listed in this catalog and in the Directed Self Placement Survey.

After completing the survey, students are given a recommendation about which entry-level course to enroll in. Although students are allowed to select the entry-level English course of their choice (however, they must meet a reading requirement to enroll in English 110), it is highly recommended that they follow advice given. Missouri State University-West Plains is committed to providing students with the direction and information they need to make appropriate self-placement decisions, and it is important for students to make informed and wise self-placement decisions. Inappropriate self-placement may increase the time it takes to complete a certificate or degree and may interfere with financial aid.

Directed self-placement web instructions and survey link.