Excess Hours: Permission

Permission is required if a student wishes to enroll in 19 or more semester hours in the fall or spring semesters or 11 semester hours in the summer session.* Upon the recommendation of the advisor and the approval of the Dean of the College or his/her designee, students who have a 3.00 or higher grade point average for a semester in which a minimum of 15 hours is carried may take up to a maximum of 21 hours the following semester (11 hours in the summer session). Permission forms must be obtained from the Dean of the College or his/her designee.

Intersession courses are not counted in determining the number of excess hours for that semester. A student may not be enrolled in courses for college credit at another college while enrolled in this University except by special permission in advance from the Dean of the College or his/her designee. Courses for which a student is enrolled on an audit basis are counted in hours for an overload.

Permission also is required of students wishing to take two intersession courses during the same week. No more than two intersession courses may be taken in one week. A student must have a minimum of a 2.5 cumulative GPA and have completed 15 credit hours prior to applying for permission.

*Maximum loads for the summer session:

Four-week session: Five hours (permission required for six or more hours).
Eight-week session: 10 hours (permission required for 11 hours).