Grading and the Credit System

Grades are awarded to indicate the quality of a student’s work and are assigned as follows (point values per credit hour appear in parentheses):

A (4) = Excellent work.
B (3) = Superior work.
C (2) = Satisfactory work.
D (1) = Minimum passing work.
F (0) = No credit is given.
W (0) = Course dropped without penalty.
P (0) = Course passed under the Pass/Not Pass system.*
NP (0) =Course not passed under the Pass/Not Pass system.*
I (0) = A small portion of a course, such as a term paper or final examination not completed.
AU (0) = Audited with no credit.
Z (0) = Deferred grade to be given only to students enrolled in specific courses which may not be completed within a semester. If a Z grade is not removed within two calendar years (whether or not the student is enrolled), the grade becomes a W.
E (0) = No credit – Academic Renewal.
XF (0) = No credit is given. Failure due to academic dishonesty.

*P and NP grades are not calculated in the grade point average.