Incomplete Grades

In each instance where an 'I' grade is assigned, the course instructor shall, at the end of the semester in which the grade is given, indicate on the Assignment of Incomplete Grade what the student must do to complete work the course and how the completed work will affect the final grade. The original copy must be filed with the office of registration and records, which will then distribute copies to the student and then to the instructor. If a student needs to repeat a course or a significant portion of the course, a 'W' or 'F' should be assigned according to regulations governing the assignments of such grades. A 'W' grade cannot be assigned if the student has not officially dropped that course within the semester deadlines.

An 'I' grade must be removed by the end of the following semester (excluding summer) or earlier as specified by the instructor, otherwise the 'I' automatically becomes the grade the instructor has specified at the time the 'I' grade is given ('A', 'B', 'C', 'D' or 'F'). An extension of time limit or other necessary arrangements to remove an 'I' grade will be made only if a student makes a written request and it is approved by the instructor and the dean or his/her designee. An approved request for extension of time for removal of an 'I' grade must be placed on file in the office of registration and records. The student should make arrangements with the instructor for the completion of work. When the work is completed, the instructor will complete a grade Change Authorization Form in the office of registration and records. The student will be sent a copy of the form with a letter indicating the adjusted point average.

For Graduates Only: Students who have incomplete grades as of the end of the semester for which they have applied to graduate must remove those incomplete grades by the beginning of the first day of the following semester (summer for spring graduates, fall for summer graduates and spring for fall graduates) or they will not graduate that semester and must reapply for their future semester of graduation.