Withdrawal from University for Military

If a student withdraws due to military mobilization, the following policy should be implemented.

Withdrawal Procedure

Normal withdrawal procedures should be followed whenever possible. However, if students are unable to complete the necessary paperwork by coming into the office of registration and records in Cass Hall or writing a letter of withdrawal, the University shall accept notification from the student or a family member. All notifications will be verified by the office of registration and records. Military paperwork would be required as proof of military service within 30 days of withdraw request. 


Students will receive 100% of their required student fees when they officially withdraw for required military service any time during the current semester. Should students have financial aid, any refund must be paid back to the aid source(s) first. Students should contact the office of financial aid for more information. Students drawing Veterans Administration (VA) educational benefits should contact the Veteran Services and notify the VA Certifying Official of their withdrawal and orders to report for duty. Students shall receive a full refund for textbooks purchased at and returned to the Drago College Store. The housing refund will be prorated based on the number of days room and board was actually used.

Grading of Officially Processed Drops or Withdrawals

Students who withdraw before a semester begins or during the first week of classes shall not receive a 'W' or any grade on their transcript. Students withdrawing the second week of classes through the automatic 'W' deadline shall receive a 'W' grade for each class in which they are enrolled except for completed intersession or first-block courses. Students withdrawing or dropping individual classes after the automatic 'W' deadline shall receive a 'W'.

Should students be mobilized at such a point in the semester that the course instructors believe that they have completed a majority of the material in their classes, the instructor may assign a passing grade or initiate an 'I' grade. Students will receive a 100% refund only for those classes that are officially processed as a drop or a withdrawal.

Administrative Withdrawal

Students will be administratively withdrawn for the following circumstances:

  • Reported as Never Attended by the
    • 10th class day of the 16-week or longer term
    • 7th class day of the 8-week term
    • 4th class day of the 5-week and 4-week term
    • 2nd class day of a 2-week or less term
  • Determined to have enrolled in a course without the appropriate prerequisite course
  • Are academically suspended and have not been reinstated through the academic appeal process

Students who are administratively withdrawn will have their schedule removed and tuition and fees will be refunded at 100%. However, non-tuition related charges will continue to be the responsibility of the student. Students may be responsible financially for all classes.