Withdrawal from University

Students who wish to withdraw from all courses for a given semester should follow the withdrawal procedure below. Withdrawal means dropping all classes for the term.  Students are not withdrawn from classes until they have completed this process.

Students must initiate the withdrawal process either in person or electronically (through University email or by fax) with the registration and records office. Students cannot withdraw from the University through My Grizzly Den as the system will not drop a student's last class. Individuals taking only one class who wish to drop that class must withdraw from the University.

If a student withdraws prior to the Last Day to Drop/Withdraw, Pass/Not Pass, Change to Audit deadline (see Academic Calendar for specific dates), he or she will have a final grade of 'W'. This deadline is approximately one week prior to the end of the fall or spring semester and approximately two days prior to the end of the summer semester. A 'W' indicates the course was dropped without penalty.

The last day for withdrawing from school is one week prior to the last day of the semester (see the Academic Calendar for the specific date). Withdrawal dates for summer and intersession sessions are different. Contact the registration and records office for those dates. Withdrawal is not complete until the registration and records office has processed the paperwork. The date of withdrawal will be the date the withdrawal request is submitted to the registration and records office or the postmark date on a mailed request.

If academic dishonesty is substantiated after a student has withdrawn from the University or after a student has dropped a class, the 'XF' grade can still be assigned.

Administrative Withdrawal

Students will be administratively withdrawn for the following circumstances:

  • Reported as Never Attended by the
    • 10th class day of the 16-week or longer term
    • 7th class day of the 8-week term
    • 4th class day of the 5-week and 4-week term
    • 2nd class day of a 2-week or less term
  • Determined to have enrolled in a course without the appropriate prerequisite course
  • Are academically suspended and have not been reinstated through the academic appeal process

Students who are administratively withdrawn will have their schedule removed and tuition and fees will be refunded at 100%. However, non-tuition related charges will continue to be the responsibility of the student. Students may be responsible financially for all classes.