Important Information for Students (March 30)

The following message was sent to Missouri State–West Plains students on March 30.

Posted 2 p.m. March 30

As most of you probably know by now, a stay-at-home order went into effect in West Plains on Saturday, March 28. This has caused Missouri State–West Plains to make major changes to operations.

This is a very long email, but please read all of it. There is a great deal of important information included.

Table of contents

Changes to campus operations

GrizCare Helpline

Classes resume Monday

Advisement for Success Kickoff (ASK) Week

Registration dates

Options to drop classes or change grading

Mental health resources

Access to internet or Wi-Fi


Emergency financial assistance

Changes to campus operations

Most buildings on campus are now closed.

Most campus offices are continuing to provide services virtually. The campus operations updates page provides more information.

The Lybyer Technology Center and Shannon Hall/Mountain Grove computer labs will remain open with limited access. The Help Desk and computer labs will be accessible during posted times.

GrizCare Helpline

If you cannot connect to the right person to receive assistance or have your question answered, call the main campus number, 417-255-7255, during regular business hours and ask for the GrizCare Help Line. We want to help you succeed.

Classes resume today (Monday, March 30)

You should be hearing from your course instructor via email, Blackboard or some other method. If you haven’t heard from one of your instructors, please let us know at

Advisement for Success Kickoff (ASK) Week

ASK Week is April 13-24, so be sure to contact your advisor prior to registering for summer or fall semester classes. 

Students should plan to visit with their advisor about their schedule through other alternatives than face-to-face meetings, such as by phone appointment, by university e-mail or by video conferencing. 

If you don’t know who your advisor is, you can find your advisor’s name in My Grizzly Den. If you are unable to reach your advisor, call 417-255-7222 or email

Registration Dates

Once you have met with your advisor you are ready to register. Registration for summer and fall 2020 will now begin on April 27

Students can register through My Grizzly Den. If you don’t have access to register, call 417-255-7979 or email

For your safety, our summer semester has been reworked to offer a wide variety of courses that can be completed entirely from a distance. Departments should have changes to the summer schedule completed by April 10, so continue to check the schedule as you prepare to register.

Options to drop classes or audit

Our primary goal is for you to be successful in your courses. Please reach out to your instructor and advisor before considering dropping a class or changing to audit. If after having those discussions, you are still concerned about your ability to be successful in your coursework due to moving to online course delivery or your personal situation, there are some options.

You can drop a class, or audit.

We strongly recommend you contact your academic advisor before making any changes to your current course registration.

Although the deadline to drop or modify a course has been extended to May 5, any drop/withdrawals made will not be eligible for tuition/financial aid refund.

Additionally, dropping a course at this time in the semester or withdrawing altogether can impact your current and future financial aid eligibility. Altering your academic plan may cause you to exceed your maximum timeframe for financial aid or affect your credit completion pace, both components of the office of student financial aid’s Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policy.

In addition, if you have a scholarship or grant that requires continuous enrollment or specific enrollment criteria, you may be at risk of losing that aid when you withdraw.

Please contact the office of financial aid for more information.

Mental Health Resources

We know this is a stressful time for many students. As part of MSU-WP’s professional services for students, three counseling sessions are available to students at no cost. Contact Ozark Medical Center Behavioral Healthcare in West Plains, 417-257-6762, or Mountain Grove, 417-926-6563, to schedule a phone appointment. 

Another option is to call the 24-Hour Crisis Hotline number at 1-800-356-5395, or text HOME to 741741 to connect with a crisis counselor. 

Access to internet or Wi-Fi

If internet access is a concern, the Federal Communications Commission announced the Keep Americans Connected Initiative. Companies have agreed to not terminate service due to inability to pay; waive late fees; open WiFi hot-spots.

Learn how broadband and telephone service providers are expanding access

If you want to access the MSU-WP Wi-Fi from your car, here’s a list of parking lots with good reception: 

  • North Lybyer parking lot
  • Southeast part of Looney parking lot
  • Rec Center outside basketball court area.
  • Grassy area near the bear statue.


Unfortunately, we are not going to be able to have the commencement ceremony in May. We want to celebrate our graduates, and we are looking at other options for later in the summer. Do you have ideas of how we could celebrate commencement? If you do, send your ideas to

If you were planning to graduate in May, the cost for your academic regalia (cap and gown) is covered with the common fee so there is no additional cost to the student. The Drago College Store physical location is currently closed, but graduates can pick up their regalia as soon as the store opens again. You can place an online order and we will ship orders, if needed. For more information, contact

Emergency financial assistance

Missouri State-West Plains students impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak may be eligible for emergency funding through the MSU Foundation. Please email the MSU-WP financial aid office for an application.