Frequently Asked Questions About Finances

Where do I pay my fees?

Online through My Grizzly Den or the business office, (417) 255-7260, in Cass Hall. Missouri State University has contracted with a third party to process credit card payments to pay balances on accounts for charges. American Express,Master Card, Discover and Visa are the approved credit cards that will be accepted. The third party processing company will charge a separate convenience fee of 2.75% which will apply to all credit card payments. The University does not share in this fee. Payments made by check or electronic check will not have a fee.

When are my fees due?

Fees are due at the time of registration. However, a deferred payment plan is available that allows three payments for fall semester (September 15, October 15 & November 15), three payments for spring semester (February 15, March 15 & April 15), and two payments for summer semester (June 15 & July 15). A 1% finance charge will be assessed monthly on the unpaid balance. Students may contact the business office in Cass Hall, (417) 255-7260, if they have questions. All students are automatically enrolled in the My Payment Plan.

How do I get financial aid?

Apply for most forms of government-sponsored financial aid through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The Missouri State University-West Plains Scholarships and Financial Aid Handbook available in the office of financial aid, (417) 255-7243, in Cass Hall explains the FAFSA, scholarship application and other forms of aid. Because application for financial aid is reasonably complicated, students are encouraged to begin the process early and provide all requested documentation as quickly as possible.

I gave all of my financial aid information on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Why do I have to have my income data verified?

The federal government verifies (audits) many applications each year for accuracy. Additionally, some special circumstances may prompt the office of financial aid to ask for more information in order to properly process an application.

I dropped classes (or withdrew from the University), so why do I still owe money?

In compliance with various laws and procedures, the University established a refund policy that determines amounts owed at various times during the semester even though a student may drop a class or withdraw from all classes.

Where do I add or drop a class?

Adding and dropping courses are done online through My Grizzly Den. You cannot drop all of your classes online since that is considered withdrawing from the University. To withdraw you must go through the office of registration and records. For any schedule change you should initiate the process by visiting your academic advisor. Be aware, however, that there may be some financial consequences for dropping a class. Students who withdraw from the University or drop a course prior to the 41st day of the fall or spring semester will receive a partial refund of the required student fees (or a change in their fee assessment if all fees have not been paid) provided they complete the formal withdrawal or drop process. Students who are enrolled in the My Payment Plan are responsible for any unpaid fees after the refund or reassessment. The full refund policy is in the Missouri State University-West Plains Catalog.

Where do I get a parking permit?

The business office, (417) 255-7260, in Cass Hall. Bring your license plate number for the permit.