Meeting Minutes 2017 February 9

February 9th 2017 Meeting in Melton 211

In Attendance:

  • Kip Rugutt
  • Tresa Ryan
  • Michelle Kwon
  • Jason McCollom
  • Aimee Green

Apologies Received:

  • Renee Moore
  • Jacob Poulette

Call to Order:

Chair Kip Rugutt called the meeting to order at 3:15 PM. Jason McCollom volunteered to take the minutes.

  1. Modification of Intellectual Property (IP) guidelines in Missouri State-West Plains' Faculty Handbook
    1. Committee will compare the Missouri State-West Plains' policy with Springfield's policy, and examine the differences and suggest revisions
  2. Budget Committee bylaw revisions (already approved by the Faculty Senate) need to be inserted into Faculty Handbook.
  3. Charge for members for next meeting: compare the West Plains and Springfield IP Policies, and revise any areas that are distinct for West Plains. The assignment for each committee member is due in Chalk & Wire by February 24 and will be presented for approval in the next Faculty Senate meeting on March 3. Kip Rugutt will create a Chalk & Wire folder and send a link to all committee members.

Missouri State University Springfield's Faculty Handbook

Missouri State-West Plains' Faculty Handbook

West Plains (WP): Springfield (SP):
1. Objectives 1. IP Statement
2. Definitions 2. Purpose of the policy
3. Applications 3. Entities affected by the policy
4. Copyrights 4. Administration of policy
5. Other IP including patents 5. Patent policy
6. Trademarks 6. Copyright
7. IP administration  
8. Proceeds distribution  

Kip Rugutt and Renee Moore: compare WP 1,2 with SP 1,2

Jason McCollom and Jacob Poulette: compare WP 3,4 with SP 3,6

Michelle Kwon: compare WP 4, 8 and SP 6

Aimee Green: compare WP 7 and SP 4

Tresa Ryan: compare WP 5, 6 and SP 5

The meeting adjourned at 2:50 PM.