Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes, 2017-02-09

In attendance:

Jason McCollom, Tresa Ryan, Joyce Jennings-Pineda, Bobbi Dykes, Ana Estrella, Rajiv Thakur

The bulk of the meeting was given to discussing the emerging budget crisis in the state, which will severely impact public education. It was decided that our American Association of University Professors chapter would analyze the decisions made at the February 10, 2017 emergency meeting of the Faculty Senate and the tenor of the public Executive Budget Committee meeting that same day, and then decide if our organization should make an official statement and what that statement might look like.

Other discussions surrounded preparation for the Missouri American Association of University Professors Meeting on the West Plains campus, slated for March 4, 2017. At the meeting, it is a priority to have our chapter representatives engage with other American Association of University Professors members from Missouri regarding the state’s budget issues. As well, we will need some of our chapter members to help with some of the logistics of the meeting (bringing in the food, checking registration and the like).

Finally, our chapter reiterated full support for the staff at our institution. As well, we reiterated our full support for all per-course faculty.

The next biannual Missouri State University-West Plains American Association of University Professors meeting will be held in the Fall 2017. We will meet before that time if necessary.

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