Refund Policy

Do not mark in your books or take off the shrink-wrap until you are certain you will stay in the class.

Refunds will be given if the following conditions are met:


  • New textbooks must be in new condition for full refund.
  • For full refund or exchange, textbooks or rentals may be returned within seven business days after classes begin (Fall/Spring) or the first five business days of classes in Summer with receipt.
  • Photocopies or packaged materials (including CD's, disks, access codes or DVD's) must not be opened.
  • Any marks require the store to refund them as used or possibly no refund.
  • If you have purchased the wrong book, present your receipt and the management will decide on the refund situation.

General Merchandise Refund Policy

  • On clothing a receipt is needed for refund or exchange. The clothing should have the hang tag still attached to the garment and no damage to the item.
  • Generally refunds or exchange should be within one month of purchase, except during holiday gift buying period.
  • On general and trade books, school supplies, office supplies, electronics or computer peripherals a receipt is needed for refund. Refund or exchange on these items should be within 7 days of purchase.