Job Search Tips

Career Development Center advising at STudent Advisement and Registration (STAR) orientation.

Job Search Preparation

Are you currently looking for a job or just about to begin a job search?

Do you have any idea how many other individuals are also seeking a job right now?

The competition is keen and it is to your advantage to be well prepared for the job search process. If you want to be successful in your quest to find a job, you must have a good résumé. The résumé should market your skills and abilities to an employer and secure an interview for the available job position. The career development center provides several resources for assisting with the creation and development of a résumé. Services range from numerous written resource materials being available, to personal critiquing of résumés, and access to computers for printing a résumé. For more information about résumés and other important topics concerning the job search process, please check out the list.