Unmanned Aircraft Systems Courses

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) courses

  • UAS 110 Introduction to Drones (sUAS)

    This course introduces students to Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS), also known as drones. Topics include multi-rotor and fixed-wing drone systems, maintenance, registration, safety, insurance, industry applications, and FAA policies. Students will gain an understanding of material included on the FAA's Unmanned Aircraft-General remote pilot knowledge test (14 CFR Part 107) used to obtain FAA remote pilot certification. A hands-on flight lab is also included to develop flight skills using quadcopters.

    Credit hoursLecture contact hoursLab contact hoursTypically offered
    322Upon demand
  • UAS 197 Special Topics in Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems

    A variable content course with topics that can change from semester to semester. Topics will be identified by title in the schedule of classes. The course may be repeated if the topics differ; however, no more than six credits may count toward any degree. Variable credit, may be taken.

    Credit hoursLecture contact hoursLab contact hoursTypically offered
    1-3Upon demand