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True Blue Auction

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Partner with Missouri State University-West Plains and help us grow the campus.

When the campus grows, the students grow.

Partner and Prosper

Please consider partnering with Missouri State University-West Plains in 2018 at the True Blue Auction.

The proceeds will be used for to enhance the campus footprint.

We can tailor your package to meet your marketing objectives. Please review the sponsorship levels.

2018 True Blue Auction

This year Missouri State University-West Plains will host its 25th annual auction. All proceeds from the 2018 auction will go to enhance the campus footprint. Mark your calendar for April 6, 2018. Thank you for supporting our initiative and our students.

How to Partner

Each sponsorship level has added value. Please keep in mind that we can tailor the added-value options to meet your marketing needs. In-kind sponsors will receive comparable added value.

Auction Items

  • Posted on website
  • Minimum of one Facebook post
  • Minimum of one LinkedIn post
  • Listed in the final catalog (April 1)

Our Partners

Our many thanks to the sponsors of the 2018 True Blue Auction:

Grizzly Givers ($1,000)

  • Coming Soon

Fan Favorite ($600)

  • Coming Soon


Blue Backers ($300)

  • Coming Soon

Just Because ($100)

  • Coming Soon

Guest Gifts ($50)

  •  Coming soon