Education Guarantee

Education Guarantee

For full-time students in good standing, taking no more than 50 percent of courses online: If you have no more than two absences in each class, turn in all homework and assignments, visit with each of your instructors and your advisor outside of class, and use our free tutoring at least three times for each of your classes, Missouri State University-West Plains guarantees you may be allowed (one time only) to retake the class(es) in which you received a 'D' or 'F' tuition free the next regular semester in which the course is offered – if you earn a term GPA less than 2.0. (Does not apply to Nursing and Respiratory Care degrees due to selective admissions criteria.)

Missouri State-West Plains Promise

Any student at Missouri State University-West Plains can succeed by claiming their education and making a true effort to follow simple proven techniques. If you do these things, mastering the objectives of each course, Missouri State University-West Plains promises you will succeed!

Student Responsibility

You are a college student now. You own your education. It is your responsibility to get to class, do your homework, seek tutoring when needed and monitor outside activities and their effect on your academic work (whether social events, sports or a job, all take time and energy). We will not send a report card to your parents or call anyone if you don't show up to class. As a college student, you are now responsible for your academic success.

It is as easy as A, B, C…

  1. Attend class and tutoring.
  2. Bring your Brain; be an active, not passive, participant by planning the use of your goals, time and money.
  3. Complete assigned homework and readings, and Communicate with your instructors and resource contacts, especially if you need help.

10 Steps to Success

  1. Make it your goal to graduate! Commit to your goal. Write it down. Be specific and personal. Post it where you can see it and read it every day. See yourself in a cap and gown receiving your diploma. You are the one responsible for achieving your goal.
  2. Go to class! Go to every class. Be on time. If you must miss a class, contact the instructor before you miss the class.
  3. Do all the homework and assignments and turn them in on time.
  4. Do all the reading, write an outline of the main points, keep it and discuss it with someone.
  5. Visit each of your instructors and your advisor during their office hours and communicate with them by email or phone.
  6. Use the free tutoring services – often!
  7. Plan your time. Use a planner to schedule and prioritize all assignments and tests, determining when you must complete outlines, research, drafts, study or turn in final projects and papers.
  8. Manage your money. Make a budget and create a spending plan. Pay bills promptly. Distinguish between wants and needs. Record your spending and compare your income to your record of expenses.
  9. If you need help, ask for it! Don't wait! Contact your instructor, advisor, RA (if in student housing), tutor, librarian, coordinator of student life, financial aid office, Student Government Association, TRIO office, veterans office, dean of student services, dean of academic affairs or chancellor. Keep asking for help until you get it.
  10. Go to class! This is worth repeating. It is the basic building block of a college education. Take responsibility for getting to class and make this a priority!

Student Resources

Academic Affairs: Lybyer Enhanced Technology Center, Room 206, (417) 255-7272,
Advisement and Academic Coaching Center for Empowering Student Success (AACCESS): Melton Hall, Room 100 (Central Office), (417) 255-7222,
Business and Support Services: Cass Hall, (417) 255-7260,
Campus Safety: Cass Hall, (417) 255-7258,
Career Development Center: Looney Hall, (417) 255-7230,
Equity and Diversity: Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action, Equity Non-Discrimination policy,
Financial Aid: Cass Hall, (417) 255-7243,
Grizzly Tutoring Lab:
Lybyer Open Lab:
My Grizzly Den:
Registration and Records (R/R): Cass Hall, (417) 255-7979,
Student Life and Development: Putnam Student Center, (417) 255-7233,
Student Services: Lybyer Enhanced Technology Center, Room 207, (417) 255-7417,

See the appropriate office for the following issues:

Advising: My Grizzly Den or Advisement and Academic Coaching Center for Empowering Student Success (AACCESS)

Choosing a Major: AACCESS or Career Devlopment Center

Class Schedule: My Grizzly Den, Lybyer Open Lab, AACCESS or Registration and Records

Disability Accommodations: AACCESS

Faculty Contact Information: Academic Affairs or

Financial Aid: Financial Aid

First-Generation, Special-Needs or Low-Income Students: TRIO

Health Insurance: Student Services

Research: Garnett Library or

Student Organizations: Student Life and Development or

Technology: Lybyer Open Lab

Tutoring: Grizzly Tutoring Lab

Veterans: VIP Center

Note: Students with a term GPA of less than a 2.0 could have additional issues, including academic standing, financial aid, A+ program and scholarship renewals.