Missouri State University - West Plains

IT Staff

Brett Becker

Brett Becker - Systems Programmer

  • What I am over: Telecommunications/Networking, Distance Learning and Classroom Technology
  • Degree and/or Certificates: Associates Degree in General, Certificate in Video Production Systems Design, Certificate in Communications Technology Specialist
  • Interests: Video and Audio Production, Video Editing, and Videography
  • What I enjoy about my job: I enjoy meeting new people, troubleshooting their problems and teaching them new things
  • Favorite Movie: We Are Marshall and Friday Night Lights

Kelly Becker - Information Technology Support Specialist

  • What I am over: Support for Melton Hall, University offices in the West Plains Civic Center, Putnam Student Center, food services, nursing, development office, Garnett Library, student advisement and academic support and Adjunct Faculty.
  • Degree and/or Certificates: Bachelor of Arts in Administrative Processes
  • Favorite movie: The Proposal
  • What I enjoy about my job: I love that everyday is different. I love technology and being able to help the users with their problems.
  • When not at work what do you enjoy doing: I love to do anything outside such as hiking, riding horses, working in the yard and garden, and going to the river.



Biff Bird - Systems/Data Analyst

  • What I am over: Banner System, My Grizzly Den back-end, Student Database, and all related software and hardware
  • Favorite movie: Hunt for Red October
  • Last Book I read: A Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin
  • What I enjoy about my job: The new challenges and surprises that pop up
  • When not at work I enjoy doing: Camping, hiking, paintball, making and playing video games


Kris Brinkerhoff

Kris Brinkerhoff - Software Support Specialist

  • What I am over: Lybyer open lab, IT assistants, training faculty, staff and students on using administrative/web/office software; pulling data reports for all departments
  • Favorite movie: Sense & Sensibility
  • Last book read: The One Game
  • What I enjoy about my job: Helping other people accomplish their goals
  • When not at work what do you enjoy doing: Spending time with my wife and children; Entrepreneurial/Marketing/Video Productions
  • MAC or PC: Definitely a MAC guy



Bill Brown - Information Technology Support Specialist

  • What I am over: File and App servers, Bookstore, Shannon Hall, Fruit Experiment Station, Blackboard and campus backups
  • Degree or certificates: AAS Computer Technology Support Emphasis, -A+ Software and Hardware
  • Favorite Movie: The Shawshank Redemption (1994)
  • Last Book Read: Geology of Western North America
  • What I enjoy about my job: Working with the students
  • When not at work, I enjoy: Prospecting for gold
  • MAC or PC: Both MACs and PCs work for me



CJ Collins - Systems/Database Analyst

  • What I am over: Managing the Banner Servers and Banner Database. I verify that all Banner Server backups are functioning correctly, our data is secure, and all systems have the appropriate patches and upgrades. I provide support to the end users on any Banner issues along with writing custom queries and applications that help with various institutional processes.
  • Degree or Certificates: I have an AAS in Computer Technology with concentrations in Computer Application and Computer Technical Support (2001). I also have an AA in General Studies (2002).
  • Favorite Movie: My favorite movies include: The Princess Bride, Matrix, The Shawshank Redemption, Office Space, Ferris Bueller's Day Off and Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
  • When not at work, I enjoy: Gaming. When I'm not at work or spending time with my wife, you will find me knee deep in a computer game, painting miniatures for table top games or doing thumb exercises on my 360.
  • MAC or PC: PC 100%



Grayson Gordon - Campus Web/Database Specialist

  • What I am over: Campus website, My Grizzly Den front-end, Optical Mark Reader Scanners.
  • Last book read: Besides the Bible, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
  • What I enjoy about my job: Co-workers and instant results
  • When not at work, I enjoy: Netflix®
  • The first three songs on my Ipod: "Some Kind of Zombie" - Audio Adrenaline, "We All Need" - Aaron Jeffery, "Christiana" - Zilch
  • MAC or PC: MAC-70%, PC-25% and Ubuntu-5%



Sue Ingram - Director of Information Technology Services

  • What I am over: Hmm… over a barrel, over the hill…
  • Degree or certificates: AAS-Accounting, AAS-Data Processing
  • What I enjoy about my job: Learning new things about technology
  • When not at work, I enjoy: Reading, tending to my sheep flock, making art with photography and playing with clay.
  • MAC or PC: Yes



Heath Lair - Information Technology Support Specialist

  • What I am over: Lybyer classrooms and offices, Cass Hall, Broadway Building, respiratory therapy, Grizzly House Lab, Putnam Lab, and Mountain Grove Lab
  • Degree or certificates: Associate of Arts Degree in General Studies with a computer emphasis, A+ certified
  • Favorite movie: The Jerk
  • Last Book read: Winners Never Quit
  • What I enjoy about my job: Working with technology and people
  • While not at work, I enjoy: Karaoke, playing the guitar and watching my kids play sports
  • The first three songs on my Ipod: Safety Dance, Wanna be Startin' Something, Country Roads
  • MAC or PC: I support both but I use Linux, specifically Ubuntu.


Krista Webb

Krista Webb - Information Technology Support Specialist

  • What I am over: Mountain Grove computer lab, student and faculty accounts and Blackboard.
  • Degree or Certificates: AAS Business Management and Computer Technology-Missouri State University-West Plains 2002
  • What I enjoy about my job: I enjoy a lot of things about my job, but the satisfaction I get from knowing I help students is the best thing about my job. I truly enjoy fixing issues students and faculty have, whether it be hardware, software or anything in between. Knowing they are happy and can better reach their goal when I am finished.
  • When not at work, I enjoy: Spending every second with my little boy. He is my everything!
  • MAC or PC: My name is Krista and I'm a PC :)