Student Grievance Resources

In registering concerns, Missouri State University-West Plains students must follow the policies and procedures that have been established within the unit about which the concern is being filed. Generally, these policies and procedures require that you begin by discussing the matter with the staff, faculty or department in which the issue originated.


Discrimination and Harassment

If members of the University community (e.g. faculty, staff or students) believe that their rights have been violated and wish further information, advice or assistance in filing a complaint, they should contact:

Office for Institutional Equity and Compliance

Missouri State University
901 South National Avenue
SpringfieldMissouri 65897
Toll free: (417) 836-4252

On the West Plains Campus:

University/Community Programs

Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Liasion
Missouri State University
110 East Saint Louis Street
West PlainsMissouri 65775

Discrimination and Harassment Resources

Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault Resources

Student Disability Accommodations

Students who have concerns about the manner in which faculty/staff have responded to accommodation requests should contact the disability service coordinator, Garnett Library, (417) 255-8062. University personnel will collaborate interactively with the student and faculty/staff in generating possible solutions.

Students who believe they have be discrimitated against and/or have a complaint about the University's resource offices should contact the office of institutional equity and compliance, PCOB Suite 111, (417) 836-4252 (voice) or (417) 836-3257 (TTY) or on the West Plains campus, affirmative action/equity opportunity liaison, (417) 255-7966.

Student Disability Accommodations Resouces

Student Employment Grievances

Student Rights

Student Rights Resources

Parking Appeals

Parking Appeals Resources

Health Issues

This process provides patients a way to file a complaint if they believe their protected health information has been improperly used or disclosed.

Grievance Assistance

Additional procedures are in place to continue to pursue a grievance, after exhaustin the University grievance procedures above.

For students in Missouri:

You may file a compaint with the Missouri Department of Higher Education.

For online students outside the state of Missouri:

You may appeal to Missouri's State Authorized Reciprocal Agreement (SARA) portal agency.

If you are unsure about where to submit your concern, please fill out the Grievance Assistance Form. You will be informed about how to proceed with your grievance. Your concern will be received within 24 to 48 hour and referred to the appropriate office for resolution.