Disability Services

Advising and Academic Support makes educational opportunities more accessible by coordinating support services for students with disabilities. Our goal is to help students achieve their goals to the fullest potential possible. All services are provided free of charge to students who are eligible. All documentation is kept confidential.

Register for Disability Services

To ensure that appropriate services are available to you when you begin classes, make an appointment with the disability support officer prior to your first semester. Bring to the appointment documentation of disability from a physician, psychologist or school. Suggested guidelines are available upon request. During the initial meeting, you will be asked to complete forms requesting service and needed accommodations will be discussed.

Qualifying for Disability Services

You qualify for disability services when you have appropriate documentation of a disability that qualifies under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act (1973) or the Americans with Disability Act (1990) and; you require academic accommodations due to the disability.

Types of Services Available

  • Building and campus accessibility
  • Reasonable accommodations, which might include:
    • Alternative textbooks
    • Interpreters
    • Recording device for classroom lectures
    • Registration assistance
    • Testing accommodations
  • Specialized guidance and counseling