Building Coordinators

Building coordinators are appointed to coordinate severe weather exercises and for any actual warnings which may be issued. Building coordinator duties are described below:

  • In advance of the exercise, consult with employees in the building and ascertain that all are aware of the pending exercise, the appropriate procedures, and the shelter locations indicated on the emergency procedures posted near the doorways of each room in each campus facility.
  • Also in advance of the exercise, identify an "assistant" building coordinator, acquaint them with the emergency procedures, and ask them to assist in this exercise and any future emergencies.
  • When warning sirens sound, make sure everyone on campus participates and follows the designated procedures. (The University has been repeatedly advised that the sirens are designed to be heard by persons who are outside.)
  • The University has been advised that the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) weather radios maintained by the building coordinators should activate along with the sirens.
  • As soon as the individual building coordinators determine that the exercise objectives have been met, direct everyone to return to their normal activities. In other words, each building coordinator will terminate the exercise within their respective buildings.
  • As soon as possible after the exercise, complete a report form, if requested, and forward it to the Director of Business and Support Service's attention.

Current building coordinators are:

  • Broadway Building - Ron Hensley
  • Cass Hall - Laurie Wall
  • Garfield Hall - David Young
  • Garnett Library - Rebekah McKinney
  • Gohn Hall - Deanna Smith
  • Grizzly House - Douglas Cooley
  • Grizzly Lofts - Douglas Cooley
  • Hass Darr Hall - Sharon Holland
  • Kellett Hall - Trish Smith
  • Looney Hall - Amy Ackerson
  • Lybyer Hall  - Teresa Shipley and Kileene Collins
  • Melton Hall - Joan Wright
  • Putnam Student Center - Dawn Dionne
  • Shannon Hall (Mountain Grove) - Pam Tate
  • Student Recreation Center - Jared Cates
  • University/Community Programs - Brittney Adkisson
  • V. H. Drago Hall - Teresa Shipley 

Emergency Procedures Posters

The Campus Safety & Parking Committee prepares Emergency Procedures posters providing instruction in the event of fire, tornado, or other emergencies. These posters are located in each room in each campus facility. The posters are referenced in course syllabi and reviewed at the beginning of each semester by faculty members.

Emergency Posters by Building