Campus Safety

Missouri State University-West Plains is relatively crime-free. The university adheres to a set of educational and administrative policies which are essential to maintain a safe and secure learning environment and which foster a sense of community and public accountability.

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Communication Building Coordinators
Campus Safety Website
Emergency Procedures Posters
Coordination Campus Safety & Parking Committee
Crisis Management General Information
Emergency Committee
Emergency Operations Center
Policies Emergency Notifications and Timely Warning Policy
Firearms and Weapons Policy
Parking Regulations
Rollerblading/Skateboarding Policy
Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)

Annual Security and Fire Safety Report
West Plains
Dalian China

Annual Security Report
Mountain Grove

Campus Lighting
Chemical and Biology Supplies

COVID-19 Information

Crime Reporting

Education and Training
Fire Drills
Hostile Persons
Severe Weather Exercises
Sex Offender Lists
Terrorists Acts
Vehicle Regulations
Procedures Bomb Threat Procedures
Earthquake Procedures
Incidents and Accidents
Mail Procedures
Medical Emergencies
Parking Ticket Appeal
Emergency Procedures by Building

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Broadway Building
Cass Hall
Drago College Store
Garfield Hall
Garnett Library
Gohn Hall
Grizzly House
Kellett Hall
Looney Hall
Lybyer Enhanced Technology Center
Melton Hall
Pennsylvania House
Putnam Student Center
Student Recreation Center
Shannon Hall (Mountain Grove Campus).
Evacuations Fire Procedures
Tornado Procedures
 Title IX Policy on Sexual Assault, Stalking and Other Forms of Sexual Misconduct  
Services Emergency Messages
Evening Safety Services
First Aid Kits
Identity Theft
Lost and Found
Warning Systems Emergency Lighting
Emergency Notification
Fire Alarms
Fire Extinguishers
Missouri State Alert
National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Weather Radios
Public Availability of Safety Reports
Road Conditions

Safety Video - "Shots Fired"

A great resource for the campus community which presents "what to do" information in the event of an on-campus shooting. (Requires BearPass login)

Watch "Run. Hide. Fight." on Youtube

Emergency links

Missouri State Alert

Evening safety

For escort between classrooms and parking lots, vehicle trouble or similar needs:
Call 417-836-5509

Police or Fire:
Call 911