Parking Ticket Appeal

Notification of appeal decision will be made by way of University email.

How to Appeal a Ticket

A ticket may be appealed to the Director of Business and Support Services within fifteen (15) calendar days of the ticket date on a form that is available from the student services administrative assistant in the Lybyer Enhanced Technology Center or online at the Missouri State University-West Plains website. The Director of Business and Support Services will adjudicate all written appeals and will grant an appeal when it is clearly justified. The decision of the Director of Business and Support Services will be final unless a second written appeal is submitted to the Parking Appeals Committee within fifteen (15) days of the director's decision. The Parking Appeals Committee will schedule a time and date for the person appealing to appear before the Parking Appeals Committee and explain their appeal in person.

Personal Information

  1. Ignorance of parking regulations is not a valid reason for an appeal. Students, faculty and staff are responsible for becoming familiar with University parking policy and regulations. Visitors are responsible for following regulations on posted signs.
  2. Failure to find a parking space is not an excuse to violate parking regulations. Possession of a parking permit is not a guarantee of an available parking space, but authorization to park if a legal space is available.
  3. Owners of vehicles registered with the Missouri State University-West Plains Office of Business Services will be responsible for all tickets on their vehicles, including parking violations committed by other persons operating the vehicle with the owner's permission. However, the person who parked in error may acknowledge and accept financial responsibility for the violation.
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