The University allows currently enrolled and readmitted/reinstated students to register well in advance of the beginning of each semester. Details are printed in each semester class schedule. New students are informed of registration opportunities with admission materials.

Any student registering for the first time or registering after an absence of two or more semesters (excluding summer) should file an application for admission or readmission well in advance of the beginning of the semester with the office of admissions. (See "Academic Calendar" for deadlines.) On the basis of this information, registration eligibility is established.

Any student indebted to the University is not permitted to register for any succeeding semester or summer term until the indebtedness has been paid.

Details regarding registration and the option of web registration are available on the Registration Procedures page.

Students are not permitted to attend classes unless they are officially enrolled in those classes. Students whose names do not appear on a class list should contact the office of registration and records immediately. Students must be registered in a class prior to the day classes begin.