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COVID-19 Updates and Response

Your source for the latest COVID‑19 information at Missouri State University-West Plains.
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COVID-19 highlights

With vaccinations on the rise and cases in the community and on campus continuing to decline, Missouri State University-West Plains is returning to more normal operations. Check out the latest updates below.

  • The university’s Masking Policy expired on May 31st. While the university encourages those that feel more comfortable or those that are unvaccinated to wear a mask, masking will not be required.
  • The university’s Return to Campus and Travel policy expired on May 31st. Travel will continue to be evaluated based upon conditions where the travel will occur.
  • The university’s Events Policy expired on May 31st.
  • The university will continue to provide free asymptomatic testing for certain circumstances such as prior to and return from travel, after a close contact with someone that is positive, and other situations that may pose a high risk of infection. Find how to request asymptomatic testing.

Vaccination clinic updates

​​​​​​​If you have not been vaccinated, we encourage everyone to do so. Magers Health and Wellness Center has vaccination appointments available each week. To find where the vaccine is being offered in your area, go to

Other updates