16.0 Amendments

  1. Amendments

    1. Amendments to Part 1.0 of the Faculty Handbook

      All sections of Part 1.0 of this Handbook, with the following exceptions, may be amended by the Board of Governors upon the recommendation of the chancellor. The exceptions are as follows:

      1. Faculty Senate and Faculty Constitution (section 1.5.2)

        Amendments to the Faculty Constitution and changes in the function of the Faculty Senate may be made through Board-approved University governance processes.

    2. Amendments to preamble, Section 1.5.2, and Parts 2.0 through 16.0 of the Faculty Handbook

      1. Reserved Statutory Rights

        While the Board of Governors seeks to share the governance of the University with the faculty to the degree set forth in the policy statements of this Handbook, in so doing, the Governors do not abrogate their statutory duties required by Chapter 174, Missouri Revised Statutes, which include the right, if they deem it essential to the proper management of the University, to amend the provisions of this Handbook. If such amendment is deemed necessary, the Governors pledge that they will follow the procedures set forth herein in effecting such amendments.

      2. Amendment Process

        Proposed amendments to the Preamble, Section 1.5.2, and Parts 2.0 through 16.0 of the Faculty Handbook will be considered and acted upon pursuant to a procedure similar to that utilized in the creation and adoption of this Faculty Handbook, described as follows:

        1. The Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate shall appoint a Faculty Handbook Revision Committee, as a standing committee
        2. The Faculty Handbook Revision Committee shall consider any amendment proposed by the Board of Governors, the administration, or members or units of the faculty. Further, the Committee shall conduct a septennial review of the Faculty Handbook to consider whether additional amendments are needed. In all cases the Committee shall seek to reach a reasoned consensus. The Committee shall file a report with the Faculty Senate stating the Committee's recommended action
        3. The Faculty Senate shall consider the recommendations of the Faculty Handbook Revision Committee within thirty calendar days of the submission of the Committee's report, and shall file its recommended action with the Board of Governors and the administration
        4. The Board of Governors shall thereafter consider the report of the Faculty Handbook Revision Committee, the Faculty Senate, and recommendations made by the administration before taking action on the proposed changes. The Board shall also hold an open meeting to receive comments from interested parties on the proposed changes before taking final action.
        5. Under circumstances as certified by the chancellor for urgent reason, including change in law, where either the legislature or the Coordinating Board for Higher Education makes requirements which necessitate a change in any policy contained herein, the chancellor may forward directly to the Board of Governors the changes deemed immediately essential to meet the aforesaid requirements without the same having been first submitted to the Faculty Handbook Revision Committee, or the Faculty Senate, as required in items 2 and 3 above. In all such cases, before taking action, the Governors shall request the Faculty Handbook Revision Committee and the Faculty Senate to convene and consult with the administration concerning the proposed action. The failure of either body to convene and consult shall not prevent the Governors from proceeding after a reasonable period of time has been afforded
    3. Amendments to Take Effect 

      Following final approval by the Board of Governors, the Faculty Handbook shall remain in effect until amended in accordance with the procedures set forth above. All Amendments, except those adopted pursuant to item.5, above, shall take effect at the commencement of the academic year following the adoption of the amendments by the Board of Governors. All amendments so adopted shall be incorporated into the Faculty handbook as a permanent revision thereto.