Account Activation Information

  1. I have a BearPass account, but I do not remember my
    1. BearPass Login and/or
    2. Password.
  2. I need to activate my BearPass account. Continue on to Step 1.

Step 1: Activate your BearPass Account

Use your BearPass Number (example: M99999999) and Activation Code from your Admissions letter to activate your account by clicking the Get An Account button down below and using the following directions:

  1. Enter your BearPass Number and Activation Code in their respective fields and click Submit.
    Your BearPass login will appear at the top of the page.
    (This will typically be your initials followed by 1-4 numbers and include an "s" at the end. This becomes your BearPass username for a variety of University systems.)
  2. Enter and confirm a Recovery Email Address. (This cannot be a Missouri State-West Plains email address.)
  3. Create and confirm your account password. The password must be 12 characters long, cannot end with a colon, and must contain at least 3 of the following types of characters:
    • Lowercase letters.
    • Uppercase letters.
    • Numbers.
    • Special Characters. ( ` ~ ! @ # $ % ^ * ( ) _ + - = { } | [ ] & \ : " ; ' < > ? , . / )
  4. Your BearPass account should now be activated and you should receive an email confirming that your account was successfully activated. Your new email address will be
    Record your account information. You'll need it to get into MyGrizzlyDen and register for classes.


Step 2: Log into MyGrizzlyDen

After activating your BearPass account, use it to log into MyGrizzlyDen to do the following:

  1. Obtain the name of your Advisor to discuss the classes you will need to take for the degree you are pursuing.
  2. Register for your classes.
  3. Access your Missouri State-West Plains email. (
  4. Access Blackboard for any online courses you take.

Step 3: Set up your University email account

  1. Inside of MyGrizzlyDen, on the Home tab, click the blue Student Email button under the Quick Links column.
    (Example of what to enter as your username:
    After signing in, you might be prompted to re-enter your password. Click re-enter my password.
  2. Select Work or school account when prompted.
  3. You will be asked if you want to stay signed in on this device.
    Select No, unless you are on a device which you own and no one else uses.
  4. You will be asked to setup your Account Recovery options.
    Select Set it up now for both the Authentication Phone number and then an Authentication Email address, and follow the prompts.
  5. Your Office 365 Education home page should open up where you can select Outlook to open your email.

Your Missouri State University-West Plains BearPass Login is your unique key to campus and online resources. Use your BearPass Login to log into campus computers, to register for classes, to view your class schedule and grades, to review your financial aid and account balances, and to access your work resources.

Please remember to keep your password private, protect your information.